You Just Gotta Keep on Walking

Marissa Valenzuela- Day in the LifeBY: Marissa Valenzuela 


BIBLE TEXT: “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people.” (Ephesians 6:7)

PERSONAL REFLECTIONFor 17 of my 19 years I have lived in Mount Juliet, and for as long as I can remember the same man has worked at the Mount Juliet post office. Every time I go in the post office he is always happy. Always. I recently went in to buy a book of stamps and guess what? He was there! As I was pulling into a parking spot at the post office, however, another man was reversing. He almost hit me! I honked so that he would see me, and it just left me so frustrated. Once I went inside the post office and saw the man who always works there, I became happy again. This man was just so cheerful! In fact, he was so cheerful, that I walked out of the post office with a big smile on my face.

Now, I am not sure if that man belongs to the Lord. But I do know this: he makes other people happy just by being happy. He serves people with a smile on his face and it completely changed the outlook of my day.

As a woman of God, I should serve people the same way. Getting angry right before entering the post office did not add any happiness or joy to my day whatsoever. But being greeted by a man who is always happy reminds me that no matter whom I encounter, I should serve them with my whole heart. After all, my reward is not to be found here on earth; my reward is when I see my Maker in heaven.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: Because we allow ourselves to get so frustrated, we sometimes forget just Who it is that we are serving. 

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I thank You that You constantly give me reminders of Your Presence. I pray that as I go through each day, I would be in constant service to You. I ask that You help me remember that because You came to earth to serve, so should I do the same. Thank You for Your grace and patience. I love You, my King. Amen.


Marissa Valenzuela is in constant pursuit of a God who will never fail and who has a bigger plan than anything she could ever imagine.


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  1. by Giovanna

    On June 23, 2013

    I know the man you write about! He makes me happy when I go into the post office as well.

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