Yolanda Has A Bad Day

BY:  Peter Miller

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  pmiller1987@gmail.com 

BIBLE TEXT:  2 Timothy 4:2: ”Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.”

PERSONAL REFLECTION:   I boarded a flight to Houston a few weeks back. I was lucky enough to sit right where I like–the front row.  As an added bonus, the flight crew was not playing nice with each other. Attendant Ricky seemed to be flirting with and annoying Attendant Yolanda. As the passengers boarded I could see Ricky’s adolescent pestering of Yolanda was going to get him a well-deserved harassment complaint slapped against him. Very entertaining for me.

When it came time for announcements Yolanda stood in the aisle next to me ready to give safety instructions. She was in a high state of agitation. I leaned over and whispered up to her, “I can stuff Ricky in the lavatory if you’d like.” She looked down and realized I’d seen their interaction. She was surprised and embarrassed and she broke…”You have no idea. I’ve been flying with him for 3 days; I can’t take it anymore.” With that we had an instant friendship.

As we took off Ricky & Yolanda sat in the jump seats facing us. I had started to read my book Divine Mentor, a book on effective Bible study. Whether to escape Ricky or out of genuine interest I don’t know, but she kind of blurted out to me, “Are you going to like your book?” Weird question I thought. How would I know? I’m on the first page. I told her I hoped I would and kept reading.

As the flight wore on Yolanda and I had several small conversations. It was more like we were old friends catching up. Additionally, Ricky would pester her from time to time and she seemed desperate to avoid him. I kept reading my book between mini conversations and got all the way to chapter four. I was indeed enjoying it.

The flight was coming to end with Yolanda and Ricky in their jump seats again when I heard my old friend, the Holy Spirit, whisper in my ear, “She needs your book.”  “Look,” I replied, “I’ve given books to flight attendants before, so if you really want me to continue this tradition of  handing out my Christian books to random flight attendants, you’re going to need to make it clear to me that’s what I should do. And I mean really clear.” At this point I felt someone was staring at me, and I looked up from my book to lock eyes with Yolanda. “How do you like your book?” she asked. I simply closed it and handed it to her, “I don’t know if you’ll agree with everything in it, but I’d like to know what you think of it.” She pretended to protest the offer but took it quickly. Ricky leaned over to snoop but Yolanda clutched the book to her chest tightly and shot a look at Ricky that said back off, this is for me. I think she’ll read it just to spite Ricky.

So maybe I wasn’t just merely “lucky” to get my favorite seat. It was assigned.  Maybe Ricky was used to drive Yolanda beyond her breaking point so she would look for a safe harbor. She then intersects with a guy that’s nice to her, doesn’t want anything from her, gives her a gift, and happens to show her that Christians are actually nice people. And now she has a book she wouldn’t have bought on her own but God wanted her to have.

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  Part of the fun of living as a Christian is that you get to be part of something special every now and then. Like walking in during the second act of a play the Father has running. You walk on stage, play your part, and watch a Master Director bring it all together. Just be ready for your cue. He’s depending you.

By the way, if you want know who Lewis is and how he also ended up with my book, you’ll have to wait for my next devotional.  ;-)

PRAYER: I would simply ask you to join me in prayer for Yolanda and for Ricky. I don’t know the spiritual state of either, but I got the impression they need time with the Director. Please remember them this week.


Peter will be at church this Sunday. Ask him an anything you want to know about his family and himself.  He has some really embarrassing stuff.

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  1. by Karen Nations

    On October 31, 2011

    I loved the devo!

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