Who’s on the Guest List?

Peter Jani Miller 2011BY: PETER MILLER

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BIBLE TEXT:  Revelation 19:9 (NLT):  And the angel said to me, “Write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding feast of the Lamb.” And he added, “These are true words that come from God.”

PERSONAL REFLECTIONMy youngest daughter, Gabrielle, is getting married. There’s been much discussion  about who is on the guest list. We all are making sure everyone that’s close to us is there. Whether a relative, friend, or work associate, we each have special ones we want to be there to experience the celebration.

Now imagine it’s the wedding day. The church is decorated, the  reception tables are set, the caterer has the prepared all the food, the Groom is dressed in his finest. All at great expense. My daughter comes down the aisle in her beautiful dress, as I escort her to the altar I lean in and say, “You’re the only one here. Where is everybody?  Where are your friends? Where are all the guests?” She responds, “I didn’t invite them.” 

Well that’s just crazy. She would never do that. Nobody would. That makes no sense at all.

We are the Bride of Christ. We’re having  a wedding. You see how this looks, don’t you? 

The best gift the Church can bring to the wedding with Christ is that we’ve invited other guests. You’re standing at the altar. You want to be empty handed? Or would you rather say, “Here’s a list of over 200 people I invited. Some accepted, some declined, but I invited them all on your behalf.”


Place the names of your guests on our hearts. Give us the words for the invitation and prepare the hearts of the guests to be invited. Help us see the opportunities you provide to extend the  invitation. We’re honored by this invitation you’ve given us, help us honor you by extending  it to others. 



Peter will be at church next Sunday. Ask him an anything you want to know about his family and himself.  He has some really embarrassing stuff.

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