Where Are You Investing?

By:  Giovanna Gomez

E-Mail: giohub@gmail.com


Luke 16:19-31 – Please read it from your Bible.

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Two Sundays ago, I shared the story found on Luke 16:19-31 with my youth Sunday School class. Have you ever read it?  It’s sobering.  The story presents the life of two men.  One was rich and the other was very poor. The story describes in detail what happens to each man after their death. The rich man, who had stored lots of earthly possessions, ends up burning in hell and the poor man ends up being consoled and comforted in Abraham’s lap. The story tells of the conversation between Abraham and the rich man while he was in extreme agony in hell. It’s incredibly eye-opening and could be the topic of another Day in the Life, but I want to zero in today on the reason the rich man ended up burning in flames. Was it because he was rich?  No, not really.  The New Living Translation says that the rich man was “splendidly clothed and lived each day in luxury. The poor man, the scripture says, had been dumped by the rich man’s doorstep.  The rich man saw him every day and never helped him. Instead, he indulged in his riches. He invested in the wrong place.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: What kind of investment is your life making? Are you making earthly deposits or eternal ones?  Our time on earth is so short and so fleeting. We spend our lives worrying about our mortgage, we worry about our reputation, we worry about what we wear, or about being successful in our careers. Oh, my dear brothers and sisters, none of that matters. You can’t take any of it with you!  We forget that the things we do can have either a big impact or no impact at all in eternity. Where are you investing?  I can promise you that once you get to eternity you will see your life on earth with a completely different perspective. Don’t be caught there in regret.

PRAYER: Father, forgive me for living superficially.  Forgive me for forgetting what is truly important.  Help me to see the truth. Help me to see that this life is so temporary and insignificant compared to what awaits for us in eternity. In your Son’s Name, Amen.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Giovanna Gomez is wife to Hubert and mom to Andrew and Rachel.  She is about to complete the biggest accomplishment of her life—homeschooling her children from kindergarten all the way through high school. Her future plans include returning to college.  She is not totally sure what God has in store for her yet, but she is excited to embark on a new adventure.  She has been attending Life Assembly for six years.


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