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BIBLE TEXT: Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world. –Psalm 46:10

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Have you ever been behind a vehicle at a crossroad and got frustrated because they won’t move one way or the other? Are you patient and understanding that your turn will come or are you frustrated, throwing your hands in the air, calling them a moron and honking your horn? Their perspective is completely different than yours. What you cannot see is the big truck going through the light or the speeding sports car flying down the road. Finally, the car moves and your perspective has changed. When ready, you are able to move on to your destination.

Our relationship with God is very much the same. When we follow God according to His Word and remain in His will, our path is clear and we can navigate safely on the path that is set before us. There are times when God remains still and doesn’t move. During those times we need to realize that God’s perspective is different than ours. He is wanting us to learn something, give up something, or just be still and focus on being unconditionally loved and forgiven. His Word says to “be still and know that I am God.” His perspective is perfect.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: Our country has just experienced one of the craziest campaign and election seasons ever! During this transfer of power we, as Christians, need to remember that God has a better view of the big picture that we cannot see. At this time we need to pray for the leadership that is leaving and the new leadership that will be put in place will go smoothly and safely.

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I am so very grateful that your ways are better than mine. Help me to grow and trust your perspective over mine as I navigate through life. Give me wisdom each day so that I might be a reflection of you in all that I do. Please be with the leadership of this country as we transfer power. Be with the outgoing leadership and the incoming leadership and protect this country during a fragile time. Amen!


Sharon has lived in Mount Juliet for 11+ years. She has 3 amazing kids: Ashleigh, Rachel, and Michael and two dogs: Bear and Buster. She has attended Life Assembly for 11 years, serving in Children’s ministry and Women’s ministry. She has worked for Change Healthcare for 6 years.

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