Top 8 Things I Have Learned as a Parent

IMG_2087BY:  John Carey


BIBLE TEXT: “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” - 1 John 4:8


Top 8 things I have learned as a Parent:

  1. Sharpie’s have no place in a house with young children. (Shelby has tattooed herself, her dolls, her brother, our cat, the walls, and sometimes her mother while she’s asleep.)

  2. It is not a great idea to try to diagnose every illness using Google.

  3. There is no such thing as the terrible twos.  The terribleness lasts though at least age four.  In some cases forever.
  4. Always look in the oven before you turn it on.  (Recently almost baked a cake and a cat!)

  5. Daily baths are overrated.

  6. Dollar store toys cost far more than a dollar!!

  7. Practice caution when approaching that stray raisin on the floor.  It’s probably NOT a raisin.


As interesting and sometimes (or majority of times) stressful as the last 7 years have been there is nothing on earth that I love more than my 2 kids.  Regardless of what they do or don’t do, say or don’t say, they have become the most important people in our lives. There is nothing that our 2 children can do that will cause us to stop loving them (although sometimes they drive us to the point of insanity).  Unconditional love is defined as affection without limitations or to love somebody with no conditions or circumstances: to love completely.  It’s a love I never fully understood until my two glue-eating, cat-torturing, always-fighting hoodlum kids came along.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: It is amazing to think that my Heavenly Father has the same type of love for me.   Just like my rowdy kids, I miss the mark everyday.  The fact that God could continue to love someone like me is the definition of true Passion.  The fact that His love is unconditional and His grace and mercy are new everyday brings a warming feeling to my sometimes cold heart.  As I run the never ending marathon of fatherhood, I give thanks daily to the One whose love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me! (That would make a great song.)

PRAYER: God, thank you for picking me up when I fall, for loving me unconditionally, for always knowing when and where to show up, for allowing me to learn from my failures, for showing me what it means to truly love, and most of all for being my Father.


Husband, Father, Pastor, Waffle Eater, and Juggling Extraordinaire


  1. by Mary Beth Layhew

    On October 28, 2013


  2. by Rachel Reynolds

    On November 10, 2013

    Amazing and so true! This just made my day!

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