Carey FamilyBY:  John Carey


BIBLE TEXT:  Genesis 37-45 (unbelievable check it out)

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  Do you have someone in your life that is so positive that it makes you negative? Like no matter how bad things seem they always have a smile on their face and their attitude is just amazing? That is is my dad. No matter what happened growing up he would always put his ginormous hand on my shoulder and say very loudly, “THIS IS GREAT!”

I remember coming home after junior high basketball tryouts with the heartbreaking news that I had not made the varsity team and was instead placed on the JV team. When I told my dad his response was, “THIS IS GREAT!” I said, “Dad I don’t think you understand.” He said, “Son, this team is going to be looking for a leader and you are the just the man for the job. THIS IS GREAT!”

After the first day of practice I realized that our team was absolutely horrible mainly because we were all short and slow. When I broke the news to my dad he said, “THIS IS GREAT!” He said, “Son, the other teams will see that you’re short and they will think that you are fast, but you are really slow and they won’t be ready for your slowness. THIS IS GREAT!”

We proceeded to lose our first two games and didn’t even score a point. My dad’s response was, “THIS IS GREAT! Son, the third time is a charm. Don’t give up, get out there, and get that win. THIS IS GREAT!” Not only did we lose the third game, we also lost the next three as well.  We were about to play the very last game of the season and as I was getting out of the car my father grabbed me and said, “THIS IS GREAT! Son, they had to march around Jericho seven times before the walls fell. It doesn’t matter how you start. It only matters how you finish. Now, get out there and win your last game!” As I got into the car after losing our seventh game of the season, my father looked me straight in the eyes and said, “THIS IS GREAT, BASEBALL SEASON IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!”

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  Not only did my dad give me a sense of confidence but he taught me a valuable lesson that I use every day of my life. Everyday we are put in situations where our REACTION can either positively or negatively affect not only us but also the people around us.  The Old Testament story of Joseph absolutely amazes me. You have a guy who was sold by his brothers, falsely accused by his boss’s wife, and left with a dream in a jail cell. At every step of his life Joseph had the opportunity to react in a way that could separate him from God, but he chose to align himself with God’s will. In that choice, and in his reactions along the way, his dream came true and he saved a nation.  You see, our reaction to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself. If I claim to be a Christian then it is time that I start REACTING like one!

PRAYER: God, first of all I thank you for my dad! The lesson’s he taught me and continues to teach me are beyond measure. I pray that we become a generation that reacts to every situation with your will in mind and that people around us begin to see You through us. I thank you for this walk that we are on because IT IS GREAT!


Husband, Father, Pastor, Waffle Eater, and avid viewer of The Andy Griffith Show!

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