The Great Shepherd



BIBLE TEXT: 1 Peter 2:25: “For you were like sheep going astray, but now you have returned to the Shepherd and overseer of your souls.”

PERSONAL REFLECTIONI think the cold has finally gone and spring has sprung.

With the spring arrival brings a revival of life in the form of nature; insects, plants, trees, and wildlife have come to life with the arrival of warm temperatures. Even we come out of our home hibernation and start venturing outside. There’s something about the sun–it brings with it a rebirthing of sorts, a chance for rejuvenation.

On the heels of spring “sprunging” is Easter. Easter is only seven days away and I challenge you over these next seven days to examine yourself and decide whether or not you need a rebirthing or rejuvenation. Here’s the funny thing: most of us don’t even know that we may be in need of either. There’s an easy way to know. Try this personal examination: Do I hear His voice?

The Bible is clear about who hears His voice. The Bible doesn’t say that every wise man hears Him. It doesn’t reference that every King, President, or leader hears his voice. The Bible doesn’t say that every churchgoer hears his voice. It doesn’t even say that every elder or Pastor hears his voice. Jesus says in John 10:27: “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” Let’s take a minute to dissect a little scripture. In the Bible the word “sheep” is used as a reference more than 500 times. Of those, many are referring to followers as sheep. Of these, many of the “followers” are referred to in reference to those with a belief in Christ.


Here’s where I may lose some of you. I believe that when we accept Christ, He is our shepherd and we are His sheep and have placed ourselves in His care. We have the ability to hear His voice and can be led by His spirit. We are in the same field with Him and find the ultimate comfort in allowing the great Shepherd to provide for our every need. Over time we may separate from the flock by becoming disconnected or distracted. We can get sidetracked with our own will, by the enemy, or allow temptation to attract us to greener grass in the next field close by. While we graze in the new field we begin to notice that we can find some provision on our own; we have developed a false sense of security and confidence without the Shepherd actually guiding us. Everything in the new field is coming up roses until the enemy comes for us. Then we resort to using the Shepherd only as an escape clause or backup plan. We’re still close enough that when the enemy comes to attack, the Shepherd can save us, but we are not close enough to allow His provision, abide in His promises, or hear His voice.

Easter would be the perfect time for a rebirthing into the flock. You very well may be a sheep, but you’ve just wandered into the wrong pasture. Come back to the field of the Great Shepherd and let Him guide you, protect you, and provide for you. Don’t risk being caught too far away from His protection!

In these next few days determine which field you are in. Are you close enough to hear His voice as He leads you, or are you just out of earshot expecting that He’ll be there to save you when the enemy comes? Both of these are close enough to be saved, even within sight of Him, but only those in His constant care hear Him.

PRAYER: Father God lead me out of my own pasture and into the protection of yours.  Forgive me for the times I’ve gone astray and wash me white as the wool of Your sheep. Lord, please let my own plans and desires be that of yours. I desire to hear your voice ALWAYS. In Jesus name, Amen.


Andrew has been attending Life for about five years. He is just like you–a “honking” sheep. He is happy, happy, happily married to his beautiful wife Rebecca, and has two little lambs: Haylee and Elijah.


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