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BIBLE TEXT: 2 Timothy 4:3: For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

PERSONAL REFLECTION: One of the things you realize early on when you’re a missionary is that if you want to be fed spiritually, you’re going to have to do it yourself.  It shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. It’s really no different in the States. If you think that a 30-40 minute sermon with two or three verses thrown in is enough to feed you spiritually, you are mistaken. Additionally, some of the things being preached from pulpits today will lead you astray. This should be no surprise either since the Bible tells us that this will happen (I John 4:1). Here is a recent example. Best-selling author and pastor, Eugene Peterson, gave an interview (published July 12) and stated he had an actively gay man on his church staff, had no issue with it, and if asked, he would perform the marriage ceremony for a gay couple.

These thoughts have become more and more popular – both in and outside of the church. Unfortunately, popularity does not mean that it’s right. God says that this is sin and would never condone it any more than he would condone adultery, sex before marriage, murder, theft – or any other sin (Romans 1:26-28; Heb 13:4; Jude 1:7-8; I Tim 1:8-11; Mark 10:6-9; I Cor 7:2; I Cor 6:9-11, 17-20). This sin though (homosexuality) has gotten much publicity because of a corrupted view of “love” – which has been almost as corrupted as grace. Biblical love would say that we owe it to those who are living in sin to point them to Jesus and not encourage them in their sin — just as true grace acknowledges that you have sinned, are undeserving of mercy and forgiveness, but have received it anyhow. Then they would turn from the sin and not continue in order to receive grace again. Some teach that grace is there because we sin, and therefore, it’s OK to sin. WRONG!!

A little closer to home, the Lebanon Democrat published an article on July 14, 2017 about a “Christian Medium” who opened a business. The title itself is an oxymoron – a medium is someone who practices in witchcraft and a follower of Christ would have nothing to with witchcraft. In fact, the practice of witchcraft is demonic and Jesus and his followers would cast the demons out of those people (Matt. 10:1). Paul was stripped, beaten, and thrown in jail for casting a demon out of a medium because her “owners” were upset that they could not use her to make money anymore (Acts 16:18-23). Yet, in the article, the owner of this business said that her pastor (a Baptist pastor – not even one from a crazy, new age cult) told her that this was a gift from God. Humans can lead you astray.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: Fortunately, God has given us a magnificent gift and it’s called His WORD! I can promise you that if you read His Word every day, God will speak to you, and teach you truth that won’t be corrupted by man. The Word is enough all by itself. You don’t need the latest self-help books or best sellers from pastors of mega churches.  Obviously there are good pastors, and even decent books, but the majority of your spiritual knowledge and growth should come directly from the Bible. He will speak to you. He will lead you. He will teach you truth (2 Tim. 3:16-17). You just have to be willing to read the Bible – and listen to what He says.

PRAYER:  Lord, we thank you for the wonderful gift of your Word. We ask and pray that You would open our hearts and minds. Lord, give us a renewed desire to read your Word and speak to us like you never have before. Show us Your way Lord, not the way of the world or what is popular. We ask and pray this in Jesus name, Amen.


Husband to Janet, father to 33 (three of which are actually my own). I now live in Cochabamba, Bolivia where I am a missionary with the Assemblies of God. Check out our website at or better yet, come visit us – and bring pepperoni when you do!

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