The Small Seeds Are Abundant

amy wagnerBY:  AMY WAGNER


BIBLE TEXT:  Ecclesiastes 11:6: “In the morning sow your seed, and at evening withhold not your hand, for you do not know which will prosper, this or that, or whether both alike will be good.”

PERSONAL REFLECTION: From the time we are young we learn that “bigger is better.”  We want bigger houses, bigger cars, bigger bank accounts, and the list goes on.  There is even a commercial where a man is asking a group of kids if the little tree house is better or a big tree house is better.  In unison the kids yell out, “The big tree house!!!”  We have an instinct to strive for “bigger is better,” and it’s  so instilled in us that we have trained ourselves to look over and ignore the little things that happen day to day.  Even in our walk with God, we are looking for the big reveal, the next big step we are to take, that big job God has for us.  I am as guilty as the next of this travesty.  With the eye on the big prize, it’s so incredibly easy to look over the “insignificant” tasks… or let’s call them what they are: the small blessings that we so readily experience.  Somehow, these little blessings get lost in the mix. They are the left behind miracles that we so nonchalantly toss aside and dismiss.  We focus so much on looking for “the big one,” that we don’t stop to recognize the small seeds that could be planted throughout our day.  The word of comfort offered to a co-worker when she’s had a stressful drive to work, a smile to the cashier when you are next in line after a cantankerous customer, maybe a simple conversation with a classmate that doesn’t promote thug life (insert your worst here). Every single day we are faced with a thousand opportunities to plant small seeds without ever having a chance to see the impact it may make in the lives of those we come in contact with.

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  This small reveal came to me while sitting in service one morning.  It hit me like a small brick! One of our newer families brought their newborn baby about a week after she was born.  This family had not been going to church in about a year, but a simple conversation that my husband had with them sparked a friendship.  This friendship led to church attendance.  The church attendance led to having their young child in church, and now a newborn baby sits in her mother’s arms in church. That little insignificant seed that was planted a year ago has led to a new soul having the chance to know Christ.  This simple recognition brought tears to my eyes that morning because I saw the path that one little seed created.  There is NOTHING insignificant about that.  Big is awesome! Little is abundant.

PRAYER: Father, please give us your eyes to see those small opportunities to plant seeds in our every day.  Remove the fear of rejection so that we can to step out in confidence and speak those words of truth that is such a craving in the lives of those around us.  Please teach us that the big seeds are good, but it’s the little seeds that sustain our faith and hope and nothing is too small for our mighty God to see and care for.   


I work as a personal counselor, specializing in family issues. My family (John, Brianna-19, and Alex-15) and I have been attending Life Assembly for over 8 years.  We take great ownership in Life Assembly and feel very blessed to be a part of such a wonderful church family.



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