The “S” in kiSs



BIBLE TEXT:  Matthew 8:16: “That evening many demon-possessed people were brought to Jesus. He cast out the evil spirits with a simple command, and he healed all the sick.”


Let’s try this.

Kiss: most of us are thinking romantic.

Kiss: a rock group comes to mind.

Kiss: a  teardrop-shaped chocolate.

Kiss:  military engineers in the 50’s and 60’s knew it as “Keep It Simple Stupid.”

I ran across the military-coined phrase “Keep It Simple Stupid” recently.  I have heard it in multiple places and never really gave any thought to its origins.   I  even had someone say to me, “Kiss, Drew” only to discover  they did not want a kiss but rather that I make an attempt to simplify what I was attempting.  I pondered about this recently. It may appear it is an indictment against the individual who it is said toward. Upon closer examination, to me, the capital letter and most vital portion of the statement is the first “s” — simple.

Jesus used a “simple” command in Matthew 8:16. The results were spectacular.  I am discovering that the gospel of grace, truth, and freedom do not have to be understood in the complexities of exegetical study but simply understood in the simpleness of what Christ has done for me, thus allowing me to “use it” in a simple fashion. The gospel is not complicated to talk about. It’s simple. What Christ has done for me in my life is not some deep hidden complexity of theological treaties, but in short, a simple renewal of my heart. So when I have the opportunity to talk to someone I don’t make it too complicated; just simply share the simple message of Christ and His grace and love!   I am discovering that a conversation about Christ is the most simple thing we can do in order to propel the gospel.  KISS. 

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  I’m trying my best to remove any masks or pretense I may have and live out my Christ in front of others, not only verbally, but physically as well.   I have been making strong attempts at being constantly aware that the message is simple and when applied in that fashion the results can be life-changing, not only for me but for others.

PRAYERI pray today, Father, that anyone who reads this Day in the Life will come to an understanding of the beauty of what you’ve done for them.  May they then apply the simpleness of your grace to their lives, and  in turn, further desire to share that story. May we do it with a heart of thanksgiving and joy. Amen

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