The Miracle in the Unseen



BIBLE TEXT:  Hebrews 11:1: ” Now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses].”

Last summer I planted a garden for the first time in my adult life. I spent my childhood with my grandparents on their farm, so I was familiar with feasting on the “fruits” of their labor, but only by planting my own garden did I understand the “labor” part.  I planted small seeds and slips of tomatoes, corn, peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, and sweet potatoes deep in the soil. Each day I watered, weeded, and waited...and waited. Eventually, the once tiny seeds and plants began to stretch towards the heavens producing fruits and vegetables that would soon be ripe for the picking.

And then there were the sweet potatoes. Funny thing about sweet potatoes…they do all of their growing under the soil. Day after day, I would check on my little garden, full of anticipation over what I might find new that day, haunted by those dreadful sweet potatoes. Were they growing??? I could not see them, therefore I hated them. There were times that I was even tempted to dig the dirt up a little bit… just to have a peek.

I remember the Lord speaking to me in those moments. Moments when I was desperate to dig my hands down into the dirt just to catch a glimpse of the unseen…to see that the process was working. God was using sweet potatoes, clothed in earth, to convict me of my lack of trust in His ability to hold things in which I cannot.


Last week, while in a time of personal worship with the Lord, I began to ask Him to show me that He is working in the areas in which I have planted in seeds of prayer. Just a glimpse into the unseen. That is all I need Lord. I felt Him gently admonish me, reminding me of the sweet potatoes in my little garden, “I do more miracles under the soil than you will ever see with your eyes on top. You have to trust in Me and trust in the process.” Ouch.

My request obviously had more to do with my lack of trust, and my immense doubt, than with God and His ability to answer my prayers. I wanted to know that He heard me and that He was moving in those prayers. I wanted God to prove Himself to me. It was that simple…that ugly.

Without the miracle that occurs under the soil, there would be no corn, tomatoes, or cucumbers…no sweet potatoes. If the process is interrupted, or manipulated in any way, the seed may not take root properly, therefore never reaching its full potential. The seed’s growth may be stunted, or even worse, it may die. When I plant spiritual seeds in prayer, I am releasing them into the deep unseen. To be left untouched. The place where I let go, and God takes over. Terrifying and beautiful all at the same time.

If I manipulate the process, in order to feel safe or in control, I am digging my hands into the deep place. The place my eyes were never meant to see and my hands were never meant to touch.  I get in the way. I stunt spiritual growth. I even risk spiritual death. I create my own miracle…criticize my husband until he acts how I need him to, dictate to my children until they behave the way I need them to, manipulate a situation so that it goes the way I need it to. My miracle. Controlled. Safe.

I miss out the strengthening of my faith that can only come from trusting in the things that God alone holds together. I miss out on the secret place in which He meets with me to reveal His miracle in my life. I miss out on the miracle in the unseen.

PRAYER:  Jesus thank you that I am known. Completely. You know that mine is a heart riddled with holes of fear and distrust and You love me after all. You know that I need to “see and touch” to feel safe…and so often you allow it…but You love me enough to sometimes withhold from me so that I may encounter you in the deepest of ways. May I stay fiercely dependent on You. May I plant, and plant deep. May I keep my hands out of the dirt. May I be faithful to water, weed, …and wait. Let my faith receive, and accept as fact, that which You may choose to not reveal to my senses.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Talysa is a thirtysomething Jesus loving, husband adoring, worship leading, photography attempting, coffee guzzling, kid doting and toting, homeschool thriving, wife and mom. She has an obsession with italics, could eat her weight in Nutella and still gets butterflies when her husband holds her hand. She and her family have been at Life Assembly since May 2011. You can find her writing with transparency {rarely in full sentences} about her weaknesses and His strengths on a regular basis at

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