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BIBLE TEXT:  Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story—those he redeemed from the hand of the foe. –Psalm 107:2 (NIV)

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  It was the last place I needed to be, taking a coffee break in the middle of the day with some “gym friends” that I knew marginally. There was so much else to do, the task list looming large and the clock ticking away on a Friday afternoon. But as steam filled the air and cups warmed our hands, I listened and I learned. What was marginal acquaintance is being transformed…into something deeper, maybe something sacred. Only time will tell. The conversation ran in all sorts of places, a river overflowing the banks and creeping into the nearby fields… tiny rivulets of story, pieces of personal history, relationships lost, and family drama. I listened and I shared, bits and pieces that make up the narrative of our lives. We found so many differences and places of common ground—each account as unique as the person recounting the story. And in that moment, we were known.

PERSONAL APPLICATIONPsalm 107 recounts the deliverance of the children of Israel—full of tragedy and triumph, pain and peace, rebellion and redemption. Their story is no different than yours…or mine. While we all share common moments and emotions, the way the plot twists and turns looks different for us all…unique and divine, created by a master storyteller.

Your story is your truth, and only you can do the telling. Take the time to tell your story and to listen to the stories around you. You might just find an ordained encounter in the making. You never know what a snippet of your story will mean to someone else. It might be just the thing to encourage, provide direction, or offer hope. Don’t hide your truth or your story. Be known.

PRAYER: God, help me today to reveal my truth today and to take the time to listen to others. Continue to write the story of my life and lead me down the paths that you have always known. Let me connect deeply with someone today. Amen


Wife, mommy, cook, crossfitter, crafter, and lover of books who does the corporate thing Monday through Friday. 

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