Success Key: GIVE

By:  Darrell Crawford



Luke 6:38

“Give, and it will be given to you.”

PERSONAL REFLECTION: We have just come through a series of teachings on the core values of Life Assembly.  We heard a real catchy phrase called “Live to Give.” Now, I know that these words flow really well, but don’t miss the value of the hidden secret — the secret that unlocks the door and releases the prosperity of heaven into your life.

Learn something today — something that will bring “barn breaking” blessing into your life: don’t wait until you have money to begin giving.  Give NOW! I have tried to “comfort” myself over the years to hide behind the giving of my time and of my talents as justification for my lack of monetary giving.  So what did I reap from sowing my time and talent, that’s right, more time and talent.  If you want monetary blessing, sow money.  Read the text, it says with absolute certainty, GIVE and it will be GIVEN to you.  It does not say pray and it will be given to you, it does not say fast and it will be given to you, it says GIVE and IT WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU.

Here is the challenge.  Heck, you don’t even have to be a saved to understand this challenge principle.  GIVE it away!  The world understands this principle better than citizens of the Kingdom.  The world contributes, (sows) into political campaigns.  Why? They are sowing financial favor.  They are giving for gain.  Hello!  They are reaping what they sow.  You need a financial miracle?  Have you ever wondered why you just can’t seem to get to the next place financially?  You just don’t understand why others are “blessed” financially when you are just getting by?  The secret is GIVE it away.  Give out of your poverty.  Give what you have now.  You want to make an investment with a guaranteed return.  GIVE.  It will be given to you!  And if you want to gain the greatest return, give till it hurts and then give some MORE!  When God gets your heart, He will get your pocketbook. Count on it!

PERSONAL APPLICATION: You want to see the restoration of the church of Acts.  You want what they had.  You want to see financial increase in your life.  Do what they did… unlock heaven through your GIVING! It will be given to you.

PRAYER: Father, I have read your word. I know that You are at Your very core and by nature a “giver.”  You gave to me Your only son.  I pray today that Your people’s eyes may be opened to Your promise about money and giving.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Darrell is married to his wife, Paula of 27 years, is a father of three:  Stacy-22, Chelsey-18, Shelby-16, and is a grandpa to one on the way!  He has attended Life for 4 years and partners by teaching and encouraging in the body of Life Assembly.


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