Dave SepikBY:   Dave Sepik


BIBLE TEXT:  “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path” – Psalms 119:105 

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  I got up the other morning before the sun came up. Everyone was still asleep. The house was dark. I tried to stay as quiet as possible as not to wake anyone and did not turn on any lights as I navigated to the family room. We have lived in our house for seven months. The rooms have had the same configuration. Our bedroom furniture has had the same configuration. The path to the kitchen and around the dining room hasn’t changed, but in the dark it’s always a challenge to move around without bumping into something.

I see my life like that too. I know what to do to be successful. I know how to talk to people so they feel cared for and important. I know how to serve. I know how to give. I know how I should use my time effectively and I know that people  and relationships are much more important than things and processes. Just like my house layout and the location of my furniture, I know where all of those things are and in the light — God’s guiding light — I flow between them pretty well, without incident. I don’t even have to think about what I am doing. It just happens.

But when it’s dark it’s a whole different ballgame. When I have shaded myself or turned away from a full, frontal surrender to God it starts to get dicey. All my focus and attention is on the next uncertain step. I put my hands out to warn me of the dresser I am about to run into or the door I am about to clip. A place I know and have experienced daily for quite some time becomes difficult and slow in the dark. It’s the same with how I treat others, my willingness to serve and give, and remembering what is most important. When I don’t let God’s light into those situations, I stumble.

That is why I must stay focused on Jesus’ way if I want to go the farthest the fastest. Even when He points me down unfamiliar territory, His light guides the way so I don’t have to slow down and feel my way around. Even if I don’t see the destination off in the distance, I see the path clearly in front of me when I am truly trusting His light. His light may not always be a “liquid Blue” situation, but sometimes it is if He thinks it’s what I need!

PERSONAL APPLICATION: Thinking about the word light, I loved what Dabo Swinney said the other night. He told his players (I am paraphrasing), “May the light that shines within you be greater than the light that shines on you.” Now that is something I can remember to keep light focused on my path!


Oh Lord, I’d stumble around like a blind man through life if I didn’t have your Word.

I promise to follow your teachings and seek your desires all of my days.

I’m sick because of the sin that is so rampant all around me. I can’t go on without your strength.

Please listen when I praise you! Teach me more and more how to be like you.

I’m free to make choices every day but I can’t make them without you.

You gave me your words as a gift. Please show me how to use it and how to be a light to those around me.

I want to always do what you desire.  Oh God, help me to please you. Help me to honor you, Help me to be a better husband, father, and help me to be a better man.


Born and raised in Westchester NY, Dave moved to central Florida as a senior in high school. He muddled around for many seasons in which he  served as youth pastor, spent several years working for the Big Cheese himself in Orlando, and even made it snow in Florida. God brought him to Florida for one reason: so he could meet his best friend for life, his wife Sharon. When not doing activities with DJ and Izzy, he enjoys fishing, gaming, movies, and treasure hunting! He is currently a help desk administrator at Zander insurance in Nashville. His family have called Life Assembly their home for 3 years.

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