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BIBLE TEXT: Jeremiah 15:10:  “I, the Lord, search the heart…Even to give to each man according to his ways, according to the results of his deeds.”

PERSONAL REFLECTION:   The other day I was driving home from work on Hwy 840 and heading from the opposite direction was a state trooper. The trooper is not what made me look over and ultimately smile and shake my head. It was the thirty-plus cars behind the trooper lined up, double file, going 70 miles per hour, not daring to pass the trooper for fear of a ticket. As I continued on I thought to myself two things. First, once that trooper turns off somewhere the race will be on and those people will not be driving 70 miles per hour. Second, if the trooper would not have been there, they would not have been driving 70 miles per hour to begin with.

As I thought about this experience the rest of the way home I thought about us as Christ followers and how we act around spiritual authorities in our life. Just like people who blow by on the road driving 80 plus miles per hour and slam on the brakes when they see a cop, do we act unrighteous until we see a spiritual authority and then begin acting “godly?” I fear these actions are happening far too often in the body of believers and is an issue that needs to be addressed. Jesus reminds us in Matthew 10:26 that there is nothing in the darkness that will not make its way into the light. My addiction to pornography was kept in the darkness for years but eventually made its way into the light and destroyed my marriage. So the question I pose to us all is this:  how are we behaving away from the church body? Do you willfully commit sin you enjoy Saturday night, only to put on your Sunday best and pretend to walk holy and righteous into church the next day?

These are hard, tough questions we must honestly ask ourselves within our hearts. We can fool the law enforcement officers with our true nature of driving, but the ultimate authority over heaven and earth cannot be mocked. He sees and knows all things. He knows what you’re thinking. He knows your intentions. He knows your heart. I challenge us all as believers to begin to act in the manner worthy of the Lord, day in and day out, not just around the spiritual authorities in our lives. Until then……

Jesus, I pray that I and the body of Christ daily seek to live a life that is pleasing to your sight and that we begin to act authentically. Whether we are alone in our room, out in public, or sitting at The Gathering, Lord, I pray our hearts are pure with the intentions to do that which is pleasing to you and that which brings honor to you. Forgive us for any wrongs we have done. Cover us in your love and grace. It’s in Jesus name we pray…..Amen


Jonathan Garmon is a dispatcher for the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department, husband to the beautiful, wonderful, hardworking Christina (“CJ”), and father to Alivia (4) and Maddox (1). He is grateful for his Gathering Group and all the wisdom they have poured into him.

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