Something Good is Happening Here!

BY: Giovanna Gomez


BIBLE TEXT:  Phillippians 1:3 — “Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.”

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Since our church anniversary is nearing, I decided I would share with you the story about how we found Life Assembly.  It’s a great story!

Our family moved to Tennessee on November, 2004. Our first priority upon arriving wasn’t to buy a home, but to find a home church, and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that we visited 10 different churches before coming to Life Assembly.  No matter what church we visited the result was  the same. Without fail, one member of our family wouldn’t like it or wouldn’t have a good feeling about it, and our family pact was that all members of the family had to be in agreement.  We all had to love the church or we would move on to try a different one.

One cold Wednesday night in 2005 we decided to visit Life Assembly after finding their website on the Internet.  We dropped off Rachel at Juliet Wedding Chapel that night for what was then called Missionettes.  Then we drove Andrew to our present church site (which was still very much under construction) for youth service.

When we arrived at the church site to drop off Andrew, we were directed to a room that had been “finished” just enough to accommodate a youth service. It was unconventional to say the least, and while some people may have been put off by the construction mess, I wasn’t turned off by any of it.  In fact, I saw the opposite.  I saw signs of growth and of a thriving church. I even remember clearly hearing a voice inside of me saying, “Something good is happening here,” as we made our way to the car to drive back to where the adult Bible study was being held at the chapel.

On the drive home that night after church both Andrew and Rachel shocked Hubert and I by announcing, “We don’t need to look for a church any longer.  This is it.  We found it!” 

OK, then.  Something good was, indeed, happening.  We decided we would visit again the next Sunday morning.

That Sunday morning service was crowded at the Juliet Wedding Chapel. The main floor was packed so Hubert and I decided to sit in the balcony.  The balcony had a few seats  available, but  I noticed an empty pew that  provided a great view of the stage and the congregation below.  The problem was that the empty pew was blocked and almost impossible to reach  unless I stood on the pew behind it and climbed over.  And that’s what I did — high heels, dress, and all!  I literally climbed over that pew and sat in the best seat in the house with the best view.   And do you know what I got to see from that great pew?  I got to see John Wagner give his life to Jesus that Sunday morning!  When I saw John that morning give his life to Jesus with all his heart and soul, I heard that sweet voice again saying, “See? Something good is happening here.” 


As God would have it, our first Sunday at Life Assembly was also Randy, Becky, Cameron and Lauren Duke’s first Sunday too! They eventually became great friends of ours.

And that pew? I’m so glad I jumped that pew on that Sunday morning! I had the best seat in the house and witnessed God completely transform the life of a man who would later become a close friend of our family as well.

Let me encourage you to be bold enough to jump the pews once in a while! Don’t settle for just a good view. Go for the best view because God may have something amazing to show you and you don’t want to miss it!  Let me also exhort you to look beyond the superficial and initial impressions. Things are not always what they seem on the outside. Press on and look deeper. Don’t let construction dirt to keep you from finding something wonderful.

PRAYER:  Lord, don’t let me miss out on those great moments in life.  I ask that You continue to lead me in your perfect will and that my heart will always be sensitive to your leading. I don’t want to miss a thing.  In your Son’s Name, Amen

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Giovanna is has been married to Hubert for almost 24 years.  After homeschooling both of her children from kindergarten all the way through high school she decided to return to college.  She now spends most of her time reading textbooks and writing papers, but she is actually enjoying it very much. In her spare time she likes to grow flower gardens and go hiking and running with Hubert.

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