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#1. Joseph had a dream.  -Genesis 37:5 | NIV

#2. Then he had another dream. -Genesis 37:9a | NIV

#3. So the chief cupbearer told Joseph his dream. -Genesis 40:9a | NIV

#4. When the chief baker saw that Joseph had given a favorable interpretation he said to Joseph, “I too had a dream.” -Genesis 40:16a | NIV

#5. When two full years had passed, Pharaoh had a dream. -Genesis 41:1a | NIV

#6. He fell asleep again and had a second dream. -Genesis 41:5a | NIV


Six dreams, actually.

Our tendency is to look at the life of Joseph and think of it as dream fulfillment for Joseph, right? His brothers bowing down to him, or maybe our hope for “overnight PROMOTION.” Yeah, prison to palace overnight, the ring and the robe. That’s what I want for my life, right? In reality, God gave away six dreams — not just one to Joseph.

I have missed it. We have missed it.
Missed it so many ways.

1. Dreams. Dreams are not ours. Dreams are God’s. Interpretations are God’s. We take possession of them, but that is because we are selfish! He is the giver, the originator of both.

2. Dreams are plans  – God’s revelation of what HE is going to do, not what we want to do! It has already been settled. You cannot stop Him.

3. Our involvement: we are the mouthpiece of both of receipt and interpretation. To be a part of the process is the best we can hope for.

4. Dreams equate to promises. The question for me and for you is: what are you going to do with the promises of God?

Joseph learned so much post dream(s) God gave to him. Outside the Apostle Paul, I don’t know any other Bible character who suffered more. Yes, God GAVE a future reality to the person who was involved in the plan of God. Certainly Joseph received much, but he also suffered much. He was betrayed by family, attacked, rejected, slandered, stabbed in the back, enslaved and in bondage, falsely accused, lonely, imprisoned. He suffered mental anguish, possible torture, ridicule, racism. He was forgotten and given no credit. For what? For being the voice for GOD’S dream. That’s a heavy price to pay for something he didn’t own.

His faithfulness had a huge reward, but even then and through the process, did Joseph realize that many lives were saved? So I ask, where can you do the most good? Where can God use you to save the most lives? We look at the story of his life and we say “Joseph’s dream.” I look at the story now and say, “Wow… he suffered to wear the ring and the robe!” Oh yeah, we want to get the authority of the ring and the robe literally overnight, to be second in command, and have people submit to our power and authority and respect our wealth. Few, and I mean very few, can wear the ring and the robe and maintain God’s perspective on the why and understand that many people will be saved by God’s positioning of YOU!

We hear it said, “It’s not about you.” Well, it’s not about you. So riddle me this: why did the wine taster forget about Joseph for 2 years? Why did God wait 2 years to give the dream to Pharaoh, all the while allowing Joseph to stay in prison? It’s not about you!

My life, your life, is just a directional sign that points to God, to Jesus. The story of the life of Joseph and ALL other Bible characters just point to Jesus. The dream that God gave to Joseph…even his brothers could interpret. They interpreted it correctly but like me, saw themselves in it. They did not see the lives that were saved by it. In God’s dreams to Pharaoh we can see directly the lives saved through it, and God gave that dream to a pagan. God will not be stopped!

“You intended to harm me, but God INTENDED it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the SAVING of MANY LIVES.” -Genesis 50:20 | NIV


My dreams… they are not my dreams. They are God’s realities given to me.

PRAYERFather, I have taken an “I” exam today. I am seeing life differently. A change of perspective. I invite you into my situations, my dreams. Give me…Your dreams.


I have been a “citizen” of Life Assembly for maybe 8 years now. I have been married to my wife Paula for 29 years, I’m a father of  3 daughters, and Paw-Paw to 2 grandsons. I love to hear the Voice of the Father, journal those conversations, meditate on them, and then teach them. I enjoy “subduing the land” and 4-wheeling. Ah, Life is Good!

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