How Can I Serve?

At Life Assembly, we believe that a crucial element of citizenship is finding a place to serve within both the church and community. Below is a list of service opportunities within Life Assembly as well as our community. Check out the list, and if you want to volunteer simply send us an email in the handy box at the bottom of the page.


Life Assembly

 Life Greeters

Life’s Greeters meet and connect with guests and old friends attending Life’s Sunday 10:10 a.m. service. You’ll hand out bulletins, assist people with classroom locations, answer church related questions, and serve members and guests with warm smiles and friendly welcome. Greeters work on a monthly rotation.

Life Ushers

LifeJourney’s Ushers provide an important role before, during, and after services. Ushers assist members and guests to their seats, take offerings, pass out guest information, and support the Pastoral staff.

Life Assembly’s Worship Team

Life Assembly’s Sunday worship is created entirely by volunteers. You’ll be practicing and playing on Sunday mornings starting at 7:30 a.m. Worship Team volunteers must try out before being added to the worship rotation.


Life Assembly Media Team

Audio Visual Team

Life Assembly’s Media Team creates the sound and media atmosphere-the ethos behind our services. Life Assembly’s Audio Visual Team works with our ProPresenter media programs, lighting, sound, and LifeStream production.

Production Team

Life Assembly’s Media Team creates the sound and media atmosphere-the ethos behind our services. Life Assembly’s Production Team works on preparing our stage for Sunday services. You’ll work as a service producer, stagehand, or stage manager.


Pneuma Young Adult Movement

Media Team

Pneuma’s Media Team creates our events’ sound and media atmosphere-the ethos behind our services. They also run LifeStream, which streams services around the country over the web. You’ll be involved in sound mixing, media production, and video recording during Pneuma’s services and events.


Logistics volunteers are in charge of organizing meeting spaces for Pneuma’s events. You’ll set up chairs, etc. before church services (5:45-6 p.m.) and will strike the spaces after Pneuma ends.

Community Outreach

Pneuma strongly believes in community outreach and involvement. You’ll help brainstorm service projects/events, spread the word, and get the community excited and actively participating.

Small Group Leadership

Small Groups are places where like-minded young adults can gather to grow together in faith and generally have a good time. There are several groups currently available to join (email Audrey Jackson at: for more information). If you would like to start a new group, talk to Audrey or Pastor John Driver today.

Photography and Videography

Pneuma encourages artist expression through the mediums of photography and videography. You will, among other things, help create our Pneumavids as well as take photos and videos of Pneuma events.

Hospitality Team

Pneuma’s Hospitality Team is equally devoted to meeting and connecting with new guests and old friends. You’ll arrive early before events (7:45 p.m. on Wednesdays) at the front door. You will also be involved in guest contact and follow-up.

Prayer Team

Prayer is vital to the growth and success of our movement. Pneuma’s prayer team currently meets on Tuesday nights at Life Assembly starting at 6:45 p.m. There will also be online prayer request options available in the future.


Life Student Ministries

Wednesday Night Small Group Leaders

MERGE Middle School Ministries and SHIFT 122 Youth Ministries have pre-service small groups every Wednesday night (6:30 p.m.). You’ll connect and mentor students for 30 minutes using Life Student Ministries curricula.

Service Project Leaders

Life Student Ministries offers a number of service outreach opportunities throughout the year. You’ll lead students in these projects along with other adult mentors.

Bus Drivers

Life Student Ministries takes trips both near and far, so bus drivers are a vital part of our ministry (certified CDL licensed drivers only).

Sunday Morning Small Group Leaders

Life Student Ministries meets Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. for a discipleship small group. You’ll teach and mentor students in this small group setting using Life Student Ministries curricula.

Worship Band Coaches

Life Student Ministries’ worship teams are made up of our own talented students. You’ll help train and mentor young musicians and worship leaders as they grow in their talents and abilities.

Life Student Ministries Pastoral/Leader Care

Our pastors and leaders need ministering to as well. You will pray for, help, and maybe even cook for not only our students but our leaders and pastors, too.


Life Assembly’s Children’s Ministries

LifeSaver Minis Teachers (Teaching Early Childhood)

LifeSaver Mini classes serve children from birth through kindergarten. You’ll serve as either a full-time teacher or as a teacher’s assistant on a rotating basis in one of our three LifeSaver Mini classes. All volunteers must pass a background check.

LifeSaver Teachers (Teaching 1st-6th Grade)

LifeSaver classes serve children from 1st through 6th grade. You’ll serve as a teacher or teacher’s assistant on a rotating basis in one of our Sunday school classes. All volunteers must pass a background check.

Children’s Church Interns

Our Children’s Pastor Roy Stone teaches a Children’s Church service during Life Assembly’s 10:10 a.m. service. You’ll help him teach lessons and prepare activities for these Sunday services. All volunteers must pass a background check.

Check-In Clerk

Life Assembly requires all children to be checked in via our KidCheck system. On Sundays and Wednesdays. You’ll help run the check-in station and reconnect kids with parents at the end of services. All volunteers must pass a background check.

Royal Ranger and Girls’ Ministry Leaders

Our Children’s Ministry holds a Royal Rangers and Girls’ Ministry program on Wednesday nights. You’ll help lead in these programs on Wednesdays from 6:30-8 p.m. All volunteers must pass a background check.


Buddy Break

Life Assembly’s Buddy Break serves families with special needs children. Once a month, you’ll serve as a “Buddy” on a Friday night to provide families a break from the routine of caring for a special needs child. Buddies simply hang out with children so parents can shop, go on a date, or get some much-needed rest.

Life Assembly’s Backpack Program

The BackPack program is designed to provide meals on Saturday and Sunday for those students in the school system that would otherwise go hungry on the weekends.  One out of four children in Tennessee are at risk of hunger each day.  This program helps alleviate this issue and improves school performance.  Life Assembly serves students at Stoner Creek Elementary and Wilson Central High School.

Broo Barista

If you like coffee and serving others, you should volunteer in our Broo Coffee Café. Broo Café serves Starbucks quality drinks with all profits going to missions.



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