BIBLE TEXT:  “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.” –Ecclesiastes 3:1

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  Haven’t you been excited to see the seasons change from one to another? It seems like at just the right moment, when you have had enough of the heat, the cold, the rain, or whatever the weather has been, a change begins with the smallest detail that eventually leads to a new weather pattern.

As I was driving to work one morning, I happened to glance up towards the trees and branches stretched out over the road. Red leaves caught my eye. Fall is finally here. I have to say out of all the seasons, fall is my favorite. No more miserable days of humidity. The mosquitoes have officially disappeared. Most important of all, the kids are back in school. Homework and bedtime routines have replaced the groans of “I’m bored.” Yes, the seasons have changed.

As I thought of this, I remembered that I had welcomed summer with great enthusiasm. I had been worn down by the cold and dreary days. The long days of summer seemed like the perfect remedy for the piercing wind blowing around from gray skies above. The cold had constantly deterred me from taking that first step towards the door. Now here I am cheering on fall’s arrival.

PERSONAL APPLICATIONI believe the same applies to our lives. Each moment is a season, whatever it may be, organized by the Creator of all things. In His grace, He has set aside a time with a beginning and an end for our benefit. His hands hold our hearts with a gentle strength like none other. What may seem to be defeat,  may be a time of spiritual growth. When loneliness surrounds you, listen for the voice of the Lord calling you to come closer. If chaos is all you see and your breaking point was about 2 hours ago, let God carry you. For the times of rest, allow yourself to be refueled. Seasons are constant. They are  meant for renewal and growth. Just as the Lord designed seasons for the earth, there are significant reasons to every trial and triumph we walk through. And at the right time, the seasons of life will change, because He knows how far we can go and how far we must go.

Just as the earth moves, so does God. Even when He is still, His presence circulates all around us, orchestrating every moment to fulfill His purpose in your life.



Thank you for the times of change you have planned in my life. For every battle fought, there is a victory to be celebrate in you. For every time of weakness, there is strength in your name. For every moment of rest,  there is rest in you. Thank you for peace which is found in you in all seasons. Lord, I may not know what may be in your plans for my life, but I know that your word promises it is for the good.

In Jesus name I pray,



I’m Britney and my husband’s name is Andres. We have three kids: Donavan, Chloe, and Serenity. I really like to cook, work in the yard, fish, and watch movies. I enjoy going to the Chinese buffet and eating real Mexican food. I love music and sing as loud as I can when I am driving. My poor kids! Two of my absolute favorite things to do include drinking coffee on the front porch at 5:00 in the morning and hanging out with family and friends and just enjoy the time being spent with them.

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  1. by Giovanna

    On October 20, 2013

    This is a beautiful reminder of God’s consistency even in the midst of change. Thank you for writing, Britney. I really enjoyed this one.

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