Rethinking Jesus



BIBLE TEXT: John 14:6: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  Most of my life-altering thoughts come at a time when I least expect it. This “Day in The Life,” for example, was birthed out of an 8-hour weed eating marathon that included 16 rocks to the face and a wasp sting!  I had my headphones in jamming out to some Grasscals, when all the sudden I had the urge to listen to something different.  So I pulled out my iPhone 5 and downloaded the latest Nickel Creek album (yes, I am a huge bluegrass fan) and continued working.

My mind flashed back to 1994 to the time when if I wanted music, I had to drive 45 minutes to buy a cassette tape or sit by the radio and record my favorite song.  I began to think about how if I wanted to send a message I had to actually write it down on a piece of paper and send it through the mail.  If I wanted to kill time and play a game, I had to sit in front of a giant computer and try to move a family to Oregon without breaking an axle wheel or without catching yellow fever.  Flash forward 20 years and now I carry a computer in my pocket! How crazy is that we have a computer in our pocket! Technology today has made me rethink everything.  It’s made me rethink convenience, rethink creativity, rethink possibilities, rethink rethinking.  This next line you are about to read is shocking, prepare yourself…  According to a recent survey of iPhone users, the least used option on the iPhone is…  (pause for dramatics)  …the actual phone.  We use it for texting, emailing, maps, checking social media, and we have replaced moving the family to Oregon with clashing clans with people all over the world. But the main thing it was invented for is used the least (I mean it is called the iPHONE!).

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  I have to admit I am guilty of using my pocket computer in every way except its main purpose, and sometimes I do the same thing to Jesus.  Think about it! We have the Son of God beside us at all times but most of us hardly access Him throughout our day. Sure we love church, events, fellowship, potlucks (if those still even exist), small groups, but sometimes we lose focus of the center of it all–Christ. Many times when we do access Him it is out of desperation or out of guilt.

I believe that Jesus wants to live with us every second of every day. He wants us to find true joy in our walk with Him. He doesn’t want us to keep Him in our pockets only to be with Him occasionally.  Jesus’s main purpose was to walk as we walk and die so that you and I can truly live.  He wants all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength every minute of every day, but sometimes we just put our Savior in our pocket and use Him for other things.  I have truly had to rethink Jesus. Am I giving Him everything I have and being the disciple He has called me to be or am I just picking and choosing which parts of Christianity fit my life the best?  RETHINK your RELATIONSHIP with JESUS!

PRAYER: God, thank you for eye opening perspective when I least expect it.  Help us all to make You our #1 priority!


John Carey is a master of the Oregon Trail and searcher of Carmen San Diego. (If you are under 30 disregard “About the Author.”)  

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