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BIBLE TEXT: Hebrews‬ ‭10:38-39:  “But my righteous one will live by faith. And I take no pleasure in the one who shrinks back.” “But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved.”



This is a new term for this generation. We hear it from the government when describing how a person belonging to the Muslim faith actually becomes a terrorist. The person becomes “radicalized.”

What if Christians became radicalized and became radical Christians? What would that look like? What would the government and the news media report about us? Would terror spread or would love and the good news spread? Would people blow themselves up and others or would healing and love explode on this earth? A radicalized Christian’s life would look like Jesus and His radicalized band of followers, the disciples.
We have all heard the “Jesus Freak” tag or label in the past. Oh, we don’t want to look or give the appearance that we are a “Jesus Freak,” right? Do you think a radicalized Muslim cares about how he is perceived by the public? Especially when they are willing to walk into a public place and shoot innocent victims in the name of “Allah?” People, wake up!  This is real. It’s not like we have to search this type of radicalization. It’s on the news every day. Planes have been hijacked and now trucks are hijacked and used to kill people. I heard recently after another shooting that the CIA knew about the person, had detained him, and determined that he was not a threat. Seriously?

What if we, as Christians, were detained and determined to be a threat like Paul and Silas? They were beaten and thrown into prison because the governmental leaders felt that they were a threat to the monetary way of life of the people. For what? They cast a demon out of a girl and they were beaten and thrown into prison! That sounds radical to me.

I believe with all my heart that this generation will have to be willing to die for their faith. Life IS a Holy War. It always has been a Holy War between good and evil and it is escalating. This generation will need a newfound courage. It will take Jesus training in the value of the cross and training in the Holy Spirit to be able to LOVE A PERSON EVEN TO DEATH! So you want to put your faith in the government or whether we are a red or blue state? Wake up! The body of Christ is crimson, washed in the crimson blood of Jesus, Spirit-filled, miracle-praying, grace-filled, radicalized people of God. The only terror we face is the wrath of an almighty God. That’s what we are saved from and until we get our arms around that fact, acts of terror inflicted upon us from the enemy of our soul will control us.

PERSONAL APPLICATIONThe scripture tells us things are going to get worse and worse until the trumpet blows. We need to embrace that fact. So the word for 2017 for Life Assembly is to get RADICAL in our faith walk. Radicalize yourself. The enemy wants to: 1. Steal from us. 2. Kill us. 3. Destroy us. He will use any means to do that even from within our own ranks and families. We must fight back. Do not shrink back. Don’t be a Christian coward. Put on the armor of God and run the sword of truth through the fears in your life. Take back the ground the enemy has stolen from you in Jesus name!

Welcome to 2017. Make it your purpose to be INTENTIONAL in training or re-training yourself and others to be warriors in love, grace, and truth. “We are never out of the fight!”

PRAYER:  Oh God, fill us with MORE of your Holy Spirit. Open our eyes to MORE truth, MORE forgiveness, MORE grace, and above all MORE LOVE.


I have been married to my incredible wife, Paula, whom I love MORE with each passing day, for 32 years. We have 3 amazing daughters, 3 wonderful son-in-laws, and 2 handsome grandsons. Paula and I are on a bucket list quest to visit all 56 Tennessee State Parks of which we have seen 29. We have been RADICALIZED at Life Assembly for about 9 years.

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