Pursuing My Lover

By: David Hillegass

Email: dave.hillegass@yahoo.com

Bible Text: “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field.  In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field.” Matthew 13:44

Personal ReflectionMegan and I had been dating for a little over a year when I graduated from school.  She was a year behind me in school, and thus when I got my first job out of college in a different state we had to start long distance dating.  We talked on the phone nearly every night, but what I really longed for was the weekends that we would get to see each other.  About every 3 to 4 weeks I would scour the internet for cheap flights to Nashville from any of the airports within a 200 miles radius of where I lived in Richmond, Virginia.  After a long drive to the airport and then a flight, I would finally get to hold my sweetheart.  The amount of time and money it cost me to see her meant nothing compared to being in her presence just for a few days a month.

On the eve of Christmas Eve this year, I sat in Midway airport in Chicago waiting for my flight to Nashville.  After having just driven 150 miles to get to the airport and leaving my wife, kids, parents, brothers, and sisters behind, I was headed back home for less than 20 hours so I could participate in the last TFL service of the year.  While I sat at the gate waiting for the plane Jesus whispered to me, “Thanks for pursuing me.”

Personal Application: For the years that Megan and I had to do long distance dating daily phone calls maintained our relationship, but my treasure and heart were in the moments that I got to be with her.  The same is true for my relationship with Jesus. My prayers maintain the relationship with my lover, but my heart is overwhelmed when I am in his presence.

Prayer:  Jesus, I love you!  You are a true treasure, and worth many miles of driving and flying just to be where you are.  Thank you for allowing me to discover the field with that hidden treasure, because intimacy with you is more valuable than anything I own.  I look forward to the next journey in pursuing you.  Amen.

About the Author:

Dave Hillegass and his family have been attending Life Assembly since March of 2010.  Dave is married to his beautiful wife Megan, and together they have three boys: Luke, Thomas, and Isaac.  Dave is an agricultural commodities trader by profession.  Dave and Megan are excited about joining the leadership team for this spring’s Marriage 911 ministry to help continue the ministry of reconciliation that Jesus left for us to do.

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