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BIBLE TEXT:  “The purpose in a man’s mind is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out.”  –Proverbs 20:5

PERSONAL REFLECTION: What does it take to become an effective coach? Most people’s first answer would be teaching the basic skills of the sport. But skills are only one facet of what makes a coach, and if your focus never moves beyond skills you’ll likely not get the transformational results coaching promises. I believe the most important key to coaching excellence is cultivating the heart of a coach, deeply planting his value system into the team.

I have been blessed to coach football at the youth level for four years now. I am widely known at the park as one of the top coaches and many parents ask each year for their child to play for me. I give all this credit to God and God alone because I know it is Him whom they are attracted to. I have never and will probably never be known as a great X’s and O’s coach (that means being a play-calling guru). My sole purpose of coaching is to teach BEYOND the scoreboard. Here is what I am saying: my life is a reservoir for kids, parents, and assistant coaches to draw from during the season. Coaching is the art of drawing things out of people, and it’s hard to draw out of others if you haven’t dug your own well and learned to draw deeply from it.

PERSONAL APPLICATIONEvery year God gives me a team with a different identity and need. Through my own life’s journey I truly believe God prepared me to lead the team in the direction He planned. The park, parents, and coaches had the highest expectations to date for our team this year, and boy, was it nothing like we expected. We had a tough season filled with many highs and lows. We finished the season 7-6, losing in overtime in the first round of the playoffs. Did I lead my team to a league championship this year?  No, but God allowed me to lead them into a closer relationship with Him because of our trials versus our expectations.

Great coaching springs out of fully embracing the work of God in your own life. Those who have embraced His work in themselves are best at helping others to embrace it as well. This group of kids, assistant coaches, and parents truly needed His touch. As you know I can’t get into the specifics, but He allowed me to dig into my well and teach that all valleys have mountains. God was able to change lives because He used me and my experiences with failure to teach them. Sometimes our expectations are not His plans. It’s not always pretty, but His plan is always perfect! Coaching football is no different than coaching your friends, family, or coworkers. You see a need, draw from your well, and and share the living water! God allows us to go through valleys for many reasons that most of the time He knows and we don’t understand. I’ve learned to teach that tough times don’t last and but tough people do!

PRAYER: Father, I pray that this season I was able to make you proud. I ask that all the seeds that were planted, watered, or grew will continue to be nurtured by You. I am so thankful for the opportunities you give me to lead our youth. Father, please keep my vision clear of why I am there, keep me humble, and continue to teach me. I ask all of this in Jesus’s name. Amen


I am a very happily married father of 2 boys. We live a very fast paced and busy life together playing sports. I sometimes wonder if it’s a curse or blessing. I truly try to live life every day as if I am the church. If you see me…..RUN!!

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  1. by Chris McGee

    On December 13, 2015

    Even though you led my son’s team to a championship. When I ask him what he remembers about that season, still to this day he tells me “We Prayed”!!!! I have the up most respect for you as man and as a coach and honestly… it has ZERO to do with how many games you’ve won. Keep doing what your doing brother! God Bless you my

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