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What To Expect At a Weekend Service

1. CASUAL DRESS. Feel free to wear whatever you want, but expect most people at Life to be dressed very casually. Come as you are.
2. MODERN WORSHIP. Our weekend services feature multiple worship leaders and music teams. You can generally expect modern songs with high-energy arrangements, as well as intimate moments of worship… occasionally even solely acoustic. Everyone is encouraged to worship God in their own respectful way. Whether you raise your hands or simply hum along quietly, the most important thing is that each of us allow our hearts to be open to God.
3. TEAM TEACHING. You can expect to hear a variety of different speakers on our main stage week-to-week, mainly from our Senior Pastoral Staff. These include Senior Pastor Andrew Wharton, Teaching Pastor John Driver, and Student Pastor John Carey. These three, and occasionally other guests, work together as a team to pray, plan, and deliver various messages and series that emphasize biblical truths, daily relationships, and the practical application of spiritual principles.


BE ONE. REACH ONE. (Our Vision)

BE ONE. This begins first and foremost with rightly believing and resting in the grace Jesus has paid for with His own life. None of us deserves this grace, yet He freely and affectionately offers it to each of us. Because of Him and Him alone, we can confidently enter into and remain in a life of spiritual freedom, authentic community, and eternal significance. This radical grace extended towards us empowers us to come alive and keep living in the continual process of transformation and growth as followers of Christ.
REACH ONE. Just like the father’s outlook in the story of the Prodigal son (Luke 15), we want to always be looking at the horizon of our community, watching and preparing for all those who will come and experience the same grace we are experiencing each and every day. Our church community commits to care for one another both in those moments when we all come together, and in smaller community groups wherein we pray for one another daily, talk to one another weekly, and meet with one another monthly. Out of this radical grace and authentic community within, we can then reach the community without and the world by praying for those in need, feeding the hungry, caring for the poor, and partnering in endeavors that share the message of God’s grace at home and abroad.

What Makes Life Different? (our Core Values) 

1. LIVE TO GIVE.  Through giving to missions and our community, we can change the world.  The Kingdom of God is based on giving, and we desire a mindset of abundance instead of scarcity.

2. WE ARE PARTNERS IN THE JOURNEY. Relationships trump numerical results.  Ministry spans life from birth to death.  Our goal is that each person at Life will find significant connections while growing in their relationship with God.

3. CHURCH SHOULD BE FUN.  Laughing is important.  We don’t take ourselves so seriously that we can’t enjoy the journey.  There is no room for “Pharisee attitudes.” We don’t major in minors.

4.DREAMERS ARE WELCOME.  We want a culture of big dreams.  We strive to “stay the course” with God-inspired, long term, family perspective.

5. WE DON’T WANT MEMBERS WE WANT PARTNERS.  Members ask what they can get.  Partners own the process and ask what they can give.  We don’t exist to make people comfortable, but rather to love them as the Spirit moves them into adventurous and effective living.  We desire for you to actively pursue your working place in the Kingdom.



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