Phenomenal ’14

Darrell and Paula CrawfordBY:  DARRELL CRAWFORD



“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us”  -Ephesians 3:20

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” -Philippians 4:13


I want to prophesy over you a phenomenal 2014. Beginning with the end in mind, I want you to be able to say on December 31st of 2014 that it was the greatest year in your life!

Here is a free gift for you,14 gifts actually, to begin your year with. A “To Do List” with guaranteed return:
(Pick one or do them all. I dare you!)

1.  Keep a running list and total of the things and amount that you give away this year.
Try your best to track it every day. It can be as small buying someone a cup of coffee or giving away a word of encouragement to as large as the largest single monetary gift that you have ever given. One that hurts to give. At year end you will be shocked at what you have given away in amount and quantity and the most phenomenal realization will be the return that you receive in both amount and quantity.

2.  Download the app “My Fitness Pal” and use it!
It is an app that will help you to be physically and nutritionally healthy

3.  Ask everyday.
Every morning, the moment you open your eyes, ask, “Jesus, what is today about?” Then do what He tells you.

4.  Practice conversational intimacy.
This is talking with Jesus spirit to spirit. Start with yes answers, “Jesus, do you love me?” Of course He does, but it starts the conversation. If you find Him not answering, ask if you need to change the questions…(John Eldridge)

5.  Invest in people.
The greatest inheritance you can give to your children is your relationships. Relationships will bring you money. The world understands this principle and Jesus perfected it.

6.  Work Works!
You are YOUR most valuable asset. Invest in YOU. Work as hard on improving you as you do anything else. Work hard. It takes no effort to be a loser!

7.  Find Your “Why.”
Why are you alive today?  Some people get up because other people depend on them. Some people have a need that you meet. Find your “why” and go after it.

8.  Condense Your Time.
Turn your year into days. Read a book on a topic that you want to improve. If you want to start a business find a biography on successful entrepreneur, read about the 50 years that took for them to be successful, and do that yourself. You can read in a week what it took them a lifetime to live! Condense your years into days.

9. Say YES.
The greatest things in my life have come by invitation. If someone asks you to do something, say YES.

10.  Take a walk in nature.
Get your appreciation back for nature and the Creator.

11.  Go somewhere; do something.
Plan a trip, travel somewhere, even if it’s a day trip. I’ve learned more from my travels than any one other activity.

12.  Schedule a play day.
Reconnect with your inner child; the carefree childlike person that somehow got lost along the road of responsibility. Turn off the cell phone and the television and get off the couch. Life is calling.

13.  Learn something new.
Maybe a foreign language. Be a continual, lifelong learner.

14.  Dream and dream BIG.
Being a follower of Christ does not kill your creativity. In fact, we should be bigger dream weavers!

Life is a game of inches. We have to GRIND it out day by day. Greatness is small things done well, day after day. The potential for 2014 to be PHENOMENAL is within you right now. The body of Christ needs a kick start. God never created anything that does not grow. Grow where your planted, and be brave enough to live a phenomenal 2014!

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  Greener pasture, that is where we are heading. These to-do’s will help us get there faster. It’s not the big fish eating the small fish. It is the fast fish that eat the slow!

PRAYER: Jesus, is there something you want to say to me? I want to listen…


 Faith-Family-Friends-Food in mass quantities.

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