BIBLE TEXT:  Titus 2:12: “And we are instructed to turn from godless living and sinful pleasures. We should live in this evil world with wisdom, righteousness and devotion to God.”

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  Perspective: a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view

Recently I saw two very different movies that had very different meanings. First, I watched The Shack. Having not read the book, all I knew was that it had something to do with the Trinity and a dad who had lost his daughter. I also heard there was some controversy about its interpretation of the Bible and presenting God as a woman. I also watched Moana. Being a musician I was very excited because I had heard the soundtrack and thought it was great, but I had heard rumblings that the movie had themes about paganism.

In both movies I went in with an open mind but tried to make sure I watched with “Jesus eyes.” As I watched The Shack I was drawn to the overall message of God’s love. I was moved by a scene where the main character (a father) was asked to judge his two children, sending one to heaven and the other to hell. As a father he couldn’t do it and I understood how much our Father loves us and does not want to condemn anyone. That scene really touched me.

In Moana, the lead character was drawn to the sea to fulfill her destiny. She felt unprepared, not good enough, and scared. As she pursued her “calling,” however, she found strength, began to grow as a person, and ultimately achieved what she set out to do. I saw this as a representation of what God can do in us.  I have felt called before to do something out of my comfort zone or something I did not feel equipped to do. He always led me through and I grew in the process.

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  People can sometimes become victims and complain.  We can get caught up in the world only focusing on the bad or the injustice that surrounds us, or we can look through with “Jesus eyes” and try to imagine His perspective. I choose to not get upset over things I cannot control and to try and see the world in a more God-centered way.

PRAYER: Lord, help me not get caught up in this world of self-righteousness. Help me to focus on your will for my life, for your calling on my heart, and for your guiding in my actions. I pray that I see through your eyes so I may love others the way you intended me to. Please guide my perspective as I look around at this evil world and help me find the good in it.


I am the wife of the wonderful Jay Grossman, the mom of Ellie, Ethan and Christian, and the surrogate mom to hundreds of high school band, orchestra and choir students.  I run a community band, volunteer at Life Assembly, co-sponsor the Interact club, and like to crochet in my “spare” time.  I try to hear God’s voice through the chaos daily!

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