BIBLE TEXT:  2 Thessalonians 3:16: “Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way. The Lord be with all of you.” 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Peace is a funny word  – funny in the sense of interesting.  What I call peace today may not be what brings me peace tomorrow.  Time, emotion, interpretation, all impact my perception of peace at any different time.  Sometimes what we dreamed of is not in the end what we thought it would be.  I love how in this verse it is God Himself that is giving peace.  When you receive something from the hands of the original maker the impact is greater. Your value increases knowing that the Maker Himself has prepared and is giving that special something.

I love how it says “at all times” — meaning good, bad, expected, unexpected, brought on by you or not — peace in all situations.  I especially love how it says “in every way.” God is not held captive by a preconceived delivery method.  However you need it or whatever way He has to deliver it, peace is possible.  Last but not least “may God be with you” – near enough to know what is going on, close enough because you have opened your heart to Him and call out to Him for peace.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: When Jesus appeared to the disciples after the resurrection the first thing He gave them was peace. They were afraid and troubled. He didn’t offer them hope or love. He gave them peace then they were able to receive everything else He wanted to give them. Peace is mine if I want it.  If I ask for it and then reach out and receive it. He gives it then I am positioned to receive everything else God has for me.

PRAYER Help me, God, to receive peace from you at all times in every way.

Mother of two, lover of extended family, friend, cook, painter, business owner.  Happy to be in Nashville.

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