layhewsBY:  Mary Beth Layhew


BIBLE TEXT:  Psalm 63:8- “My soul follows hard after Thee…”

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  Well, it’s football time in Tennessee! I will never profess that I know much about football, however, I do love this time of year and receive a lot of comfort hearing a game in the background. I guess it just reminds me of my childhood. There are few memories in my life where there wasn’t some type of game on. One of my favorite memories as a child was going to a UT game when I was around 6 years old. There is nothing more exciting than being at a live game in Knoxville!

One day, I was doing a devotional about falling deeper in love with God and seeking every experience God has for us and how that probably is so foreign and weird to some people. Sure, people love God and try to follow Him but falling “in love” with Him? Working in ministry?  Seeking spiritual gifts? Maybe that can seem kinda “freaky.” It’s more comfortable to sit on the outside and observe.

I believe God gave it to me like this:

In football, even before the first preseason game is on, die-hard fans have prepared and waited in anticipation. For college fans, there were recruitment and signing days. For NFL there were draft picks. Hardcore fans even keep up with summer conditioning and fall practice leading right up to the start of season. Some people live for this time of year. My brother and parents literally watch every single game regardless of who is playing. And of course, nothing is better than being in that stadium watching the game in person. My family listened to the radio on headsets while watching every play. They came prepared and they soaked it all in.

I love going to Titans games but for totally different reasons. I like to people-watch, I like the atmosphere, I love watching the cheerleaders, I love the food. I watch MAYBE 5 minutes of the entire game. But I have fun, and I’m happy to be there and for the experience.

Some people are ready to follow hard after God; they have a passion for Him. They read His word during the week, they have conversations with Him often, they want to know and experience everything of Him. Some of us just watch, get good feelings, and leave and can say they went.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: Does God want more of us? Does He want us to live for Him or sit on the sidelines? Why be a spectator when God has prepared you to be in the game? It’s your call!

PRAYER: God, I pray for the faith to trust you in everything. I pray that my passion for You will consume every part of my life. I am a vessel for you, I was made for you. Amen.


Mary Beth Layhew has been attending Life Assembly for over 8 years. Her passions in life are Jesus, music, The Beatles, traveling (especially cruises), and movies. She also loves to spend time with her husband Josh, their one year old Ellie Kate, and dog, Little Bear.

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