No Orphans Here!

By:  Janet Henry


BIBLE TEXT:  Deut. 10:18 - “He defends the cause of the fatherless….”

Psalm 68: 5 – “A father to the fatherless”

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  One night while in Romania our devotion topic was “Seeing God as our Father.”  To most of us this is not a hard concept to grasp, but if you were orphaned by your natural parents, the very people who were supposed to love you no matter what, I can only imagine how hard of a concept this would be to grasp.   I am sure in some sense they wondered how in the world people like us could relate with their feelings of abandonment.  I shared with the Romanian girls how let down I felt by my earthly father.  His ability to pour himself into three jobs rendered him absent, tired, and distant from his family.  I may not have been orphaned, but I knew first hand the longing of wanting a very present earthly father to look me in the eyes and tell me he loved me.  I missed the daily hugs that every little girl should get.  As my relationship grew with the Lord, I viewed God much like my earthly father.  Did God have time for me?  Did I really matter to Him?  God saw my need and changed my life forever when I got married.  God blessed me with a father-in-law that never had trouble telling me he loved me.  Justin’s father was able to show me the love that I missed in my own father.  Slowly through our relationship, I was able to see God as a loving and caring Father.  God was able to heal that area of my life because He knew the very things I needed.  I needed a Dad to hug me, to show me Godly love, and most of all to tell me how special I was to him.  As I sat in our devotion circle and saw the tears flowing down every girls face, I encouraged them in their relationship with our Heavenly Father.   I told them that the hope we have in Christ is knowing that even when our earthly parents fail us we have a Heavenly Father who is flawless.  We have been adopted into His family and He promises to never leave us nor forsake us.  These very words offered so much hope and encouragement to these girls.  I hope it encourages you as well.

PRAYER:  Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you so much for being a flawless parent.  Even in the midst of our struggles with our earthly parents you always love us and care for us the way a good Father should.  Help us to forgive past hurts in our lives, especially dealing with our earthly parents.  Thank you for adopting us into your family so we can forever be with you. —-  In Jesus’ Name, Amen  

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Janet is the wife of 12 years to Justin and a mother to Kaitlynn, Nathaniel, and Faith.  She home schools her 3 kids and they attend Liberty Christian Academy tutorial.  Janet loves to scrapbook and cook in my “free” time.  Justin and she also love leading mission teams all over the world.  Life Assembly is their home and they have been attending since 2006.  Janet is the parent liaison for Buddy Break Respite program. She works with the Women of Life and also leads a women’s bible study on Thursday mornings at church and sings on the praise team.







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