No Choice But To Trust Me

Dave_newBY:  Dave Hillegass


BIBLE TEXT:  “In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well… ” (Romans 12:6a NLT)

PERSONAL REFLECTION: On my last mission trip to Cuba I met a very intriguing man.  He was the mission’s director for a mega church in Florida.  What really intrigued me was why he was the mission’s director.  Before listening to his testimony I watched him at the construction site of the church and noticed that all he was doing was working on his laptop.  He looked like a capable, strong individual in his 50′s or so, yet he never lifted a finger to work on any part of the construction.  He was good at directing people to their responsibilities in the morning, making sure we were timely, and making sure that we engaged in corporate prayer and worship each morning.  Yet to me something was not right.

Then one day after lunch he told us his testimony.  He was once a pretty rough guy and because of the choices he had made with many things. including drugs, he found himself homeless.  After coming to Christ and getting radically saved from his lifestyle he still had to deal with the physical consequences of his former life.  His former lifestyle had left most of his internal organs in a mess and because of these complications he was on strict orders from the doctors not to do anything remotely strenuous.

Ok, so now I have some more compassion for this guy and his life story.  However, I still don’t know why he would be chosen as the mission’s director given his life circumstances.  Then the man proceeds to tell us about why he is the mission’s director.  The former mission’s director at his church was stepping down and a bunch of the new leader’s friends came up to him and told him that they thought he should be the new mission’s director.  After basically telling all of his friends that they were crazy and all the reasons why he was not going to be the mission’s director he finally prayed about it.  Then the Lord told him, “Yes, I choose you.”  Then he asked why, telling the Lord all the reasons it was a bad idea and how he was not allowed to do what a mission’s director should do especially on construction jobs.  The Lord responded to him, “Because you will have no choice but to trust me.”

Wow!  What a slap in the face by the Holy Spirit.  I had to put aside all my judgments.  This truth was so real to me it has shaped my thinking in all my activities since.

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  What this man has to offer in his position of leadership is laughable in the natural but what he does have is the gift of faith, and as Jesus said, “If you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move.  Nothing would be impossible.” (Matthew 17:20)  I often lean on my own natural talents first and when I am lacking in what I feel needs certain natural talent I will make excuses and say no to myself, God, and others.  However, Christ can handle my doubts and reservations as long as I will submit to Him.  Then instead of trusting in my own understanding and talents I will be required to trust Him.  Once I am there He will give me the spiritual gifts I need to succeed in whatever He calls me into.

PRAYER:  Father, I thank you for the gifts you have poured out into my life and the other people reading this.  I pray that we will use these gifts to do good things for you, and that by using our spiritual gifts over our own natural gifts you will get all the glory that your name deserves.  Let us not lean on our own understanding but come to the place where we have no choice but to trust you.  For this is where faith in our Lord and Savior will usher in not only the impossible, but your presence among us.  Help us stop saying no because of the natural limitations we see, and instead say yes to you and walking out our life spiritually and alive to Christ.  I pray all this in Jesus name.  Amen!


Dave Hillegass has a passion to live a prophetic life as God has called and gifted him and his wife.  This passion is going to be lived out both spiritually and very soon in the natural for he and his family.  Stay tuned for more.

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