BY: Stacy Davis


BIBLE TEXT:  “But now you have been united with Christ Jesus. Once you were far away from God, but now you have been brought near to Him through the blood of Christ.” –Ephesians 2:13

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  This morning as I tried to seek God for what He had for me to write, I struggled. I felt far away. Not because God had left me, but because in the constant noise of life, I could not hear Him. No matter where I went in the house there was noise of some kind to distract me. If it was not an audible noise, it was the noise in my head reminding me of all I have to do today. I finally locked myself in a room where I could not hear the voices or the television, and I once again asked God what He had for me today. As I found that moment alone with Him, it was as if He was in the room with me. He was near me, right beside me whispering His word to me. I am reminded that I once was farther away than the noise and the to-do lists. I was far from hearing His voice or feeling Him near me, but because Christ died on a cross for ME, I am now brought near to God. Sometimes it takes me hiding away to feel Him and hear Him, but I am always NEAR Him. Christ gave me that precious gift.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: I want to remember each day that because of Christ’s blood, I am near God. If I take the time out of my day and lock myself in a room, or get up before everyone else and find that quiet place, I can be so near that when He speaks I can hear Him. When He wraps His loving arms around me, I can feel Him. I want Him with me in all I do. After all He gave us the gift of His nearness and I want to receive it fully!

PRAYER:  Thank you, Lord, for the sacrifice of Your Son. Through that sacrifice all the stuff that kept me from being near You was washed away and forgotten. Now I am brought near You always. Thank you for being with me every moment of my every day and guiding my steps. Help me to daily find that quiet place where I can hear you speak to me and get lost in your love.  In Jesus Name, Amen.


Stacy and Tommy have been at Life Assembly since September 2010 and are excited to be a part of the journey. They have four beautiful children, and Stacy has the wonderful opportunity to stay home with the youngest two. She also loves spending time with her friends and baking cupcakes as long as the cupcakes leave the house immediately.  She has recently started sending scripture and writing to her family on a daily basis and loves the way God uses a pen or a text message to reach those she loves.

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