BIBLE TEXT: Proverbs 15:14 (NLT):   A wise person is hungry for knowledge, while the fool feeds on trash.

PERSONAL REFLECTION: I work for an automotive company but my work has nothing to do with building cars. Instead, I work with the vendors that build and enhance our software systems. In the super exciting world of software development there are many different ways or methodologies to produce new software features, but in the last couple of decades there has been a shift to an approach called Agile Software Development. Agile is a mindset and framework that focuses on delivering the most valuable software features first in order to delight the customer. The principle is to remove muda (a Japanese word for “waste” or “trash”) in order to focus on what is important. Or another way to look at it, concentrate on what is important and remove anything that is not adding any value (waste). This is a simple concept but it’s hard to put into practice. There are always small requests for some feature or add-on that begins taking time and energy away from the primary goal of delivering the highest priority items to the customer. It takes discipline, intentional action, to keep all parties from becoming distracted by muda.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: It is so easy to be distracted by low-value activities and things. The best way to spend less time on trash is to spend more time in the activities that build our faith and relationships. We need more knowledge, more positive growth in our lives. It is time to take the trash out. What waste can you remove from your life?

PRAYER: Father, help me focus on the right things — on your highest priority items each day. Shield my thoughts and heart from the trash that is all around. I pray for wisdom so that I always choose knowledge over waste.


Hubert married his middle school crush, Giovanna, in 1988. They have two children: Andrew, who is married to Evelyn, and Rachel. Hubert loves playing bass in the worship team especially when his son plays guitar next to him.  He was born in Cuba, left Cuba with his parents when he was three years old, and has returned twice with Life Assembly on mission trips. Hubert enjoys tinkering with electronics and techy stuff, 80′s music, sci-fi movies, and hiking and traveling with his wife.


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