Meeting The-God-Who-Sees



BIBLE TEXT:  “Then she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her, You-Are-the-God-Who-Sees . . .”     –Genesis 16:13

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  I can just picture Hagar as she is sitting by the spring after she has fled Sarai’s harsh treatment.  Her face is streaked with tears. She feels used, mistreated, maybe rejected, sad, desperate, afraid and perhaps even angry.  She is probably having a pity party because life stinks. Being a servant is bad enough, but then, her mistress allows Abram to sleep with her to conceive a child, with the intent that this child will become their own. After she conceives, Sarai sees that Hagar despises her and complains to Abram, wherein he permits Sarai to deal with the maidservant as she wishes.  And now here she is, alone by a spring in the wilderness, the place where God meets, restores, and promises her a future, giving her the strength to go back to a challenging life situation.  In her wilderness place, Hagar has an intimate experience with the Lord and names him “The-God-Who-Sees.”

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  I felt like Hagar recently.  Life wasn’t dealing me the best hand. The fall was tough. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, one son suffered through several sports injuries, the other son was diagnosed with mono and forced to drop out of school and move home, and family job situations weren’t ideal. When 2015 arrived, I was excited, optimistic, and ready to put 2014 behind us.  The week before my son was to return to school, he relapsed and was as sick as he had been three months earlier, preventing his return to school.  This was the straw that broke this momma’s back. I became like Hagar, figuratively running away to my own “spring in the wilderness.” I earnestly asked God where He was in all this, and as always, God was faithful to meet me in my wilderness place. His answer for me was that He is the God Who Sees, and is always watching “to show Himself strong” (2 Chronicles 16:9) on my behalf. Knowing that my God always sees and is just waiting to show me His strength gives me the courage to leave my own “spring in the wilderness” and face whatever life throws my way with renewed energy and confidence.

PRAYER: Lord, as I face life’s daily struggles and challenges, let me turn to You, The God-Who-Sees, knowing that You are going to show Your strength on my behalf. Let me remember that You NEVER take Your eyes off me.


Cindy has been married to Tim Jackson for 28 years and has three children: Audrey (24), Tyler (20), and Drew (18).  Cindy has been a home school mom for 20 years and has tutored other homeschool students for 19 of those years. She is now seeking what God has for her as her youngest graduates this year. Studying the Word, reading, writing, and cooking are her favorite pastimes.


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