Mary Pondered

Cindy Jackson



BIBLE TEXT:  “But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:19

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  The word “ponder” means to meditate, carefully and thoughtfully considering a matter. I can only imagine how much Mary had to ponder after the events surrounding Jesus’ birth.  As every new mother does, I’m sure that she held Jesus in her arms, counting and touching each finger and toe.  She probably gazed into his sweet eyes and caressed his little head, kissing his rosy little cheeks.  She was amazed at the miracle of childbirth. But Mary was not like every other new mother. An angelic visitor brought the message that she, an unwed young woman, would become mother to a king. She had experienced an immaculate conception, and Elizabeth’s baby had leapt in the womb at Mary’s greeting. A long, arduous ride on a donkey took her to Bethlehem where she stayed and delivered her baby in a stable. Shepherds spread the news of the birth throughout the countryside. Mary had much more to ponder than most new mothers.  As the events unfolded, she had “scrapbooked” each one on her heart and, now afterwards, paused to reflect.  She mulled over every miraculous detail leading up to and following the birth of her son, the Son of God, the greatest gift the world has ever known.


PERSONAL APPLICATION:  Pondering takes stillness, quietness, time, and effort. It takes deep thought. As a child, after the sweetness of the Christmas story on Christmas Eve, and the chaos and fun of Christmas morning, the opening of gifts and the big Christmas breakfast, I would take my gifts back to my room and “ponder” the excitement of the morning. I would lay each gift on my bed and relive the joy of opening each one. My stocking contents would be spilled out on to the bed, and I would most certainly taste at least one chocolate treat and count the quarters that were certain to be among the spoils. I pondered, reflected, and studied each gift and moment in the quiet stillness of my room.


As we approach the celebration of the greatest gift we have ever been given, let us take uninterrupted quiet time, pondering time, to treasure, reflect, and meditate on the greatest gift that we have ever been given – “a Savior who is Christ the Lord.”  Like Mary, we too have experienced Jesus and have much to ponder in all the gifts He has given us.


PRAYER: Father, in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, let us not forget Your Son, Jesus.  Move us to pause and reflect on the greatest gift ever given – His birth, death, and resurrection, our salvation. Like Mary, let us take the mysteries and miracles of You, the gifts You have given us, and ponder them in our hearts.



  Cindy has been married to Tim for 27 years, and they have three children: Audrey (23), Tyler (19), and Drew (17).  Her passion is studying and pondering the Word of God. She has homeschooled for 19 years and has taught other homeschooled students for 18 years.


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  1. by Tim Smith

    On December 24, 2013

    Great job Cindy Jackson and may God Bless you and your family this Christmas season !!!!

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