BY:  Janet Henry

EMAIL ADDRESS:   jlhandtucker@hotmail.com

BIBLE TEXT:  Psalms 121:1+2:  I lift my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and earth.

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  While we were in Romania the Lord gave us the opportunity to visit Rome.  This was a trip that I never thought in my life I would ever be able to do.  While we were in Rome we had the chance to visit the Sistine Chapel.  The art work in this chapel was amazing.  So much of it looked as if it were 3-D coming out of the walls.  The amount of detail that was painstakingly applied to each painting was overwhelming.  In each room we encountered I instructed our children to look up.  I didn’t want them to miss anything.  So often we look at only what we see that is in our direct line of vision and we forget to look up.  When we finally made it to the part of the chapel where Michelangelo’s famous “Creation of Man” was painted we were immediately taken back by a room full of people all looking up.  They were gazing at this beautiful masterpiece in awe of the artwork of this famous painter.  While joining everyone in looking up I heard the Lord whisper, “What if everyone always looked up?  How much could be accomplished for the Kingdom? What if, when people were troubled, they always remembered to look up and keep their eyes focused on Me and not their situation?”

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  Do you need to remember to look up?  The Lord is the lifter of our heads.  When we are being weighed down by life’s situations and hard times, remember, LOOK UP!  Don’t miss out on the beauty of who God is by remaining downcast.  Look up!

PRAYER:  Father God, please help me remember to always keep my eyes on You.  When I become overwhelmed with situations in my life, help me remember to lift my eyes and always keep them focused on You.  In Jesus’ name- Amen


Janet is a wife of 12 years to Justin and mother to Kaitlynn, Nathaniel, and Faith.   Janet loves to scrapbook and cook in her “free” time. Janet and Justin love leading mission teams all over the world.  Life Assembly is their home and they have been attending since 2006.  She serves as the parent liaison for Buddy Break Respite program, works with the Women of Life ministry, and also leads a women’s Bible study on Thursday mornings at the  church. In addition, she loves singing with the worship team on Sunday mornings.

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