Living to Serve



BIBLE TEXT: “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people.” (Ephesians 6:7)

PERSONAL REFLECTION: This past summer I went on a mission trip with Lipscomb University to City of Children in Ensenada, Mexico. It was definitely one of the most incredible weeks of my life. There was one day that I will never forget. I was playing on the playground with three of my favorite boys, and we played just about every game possible from tag to swinging on the swings and to pretending we were a choo-choo train. Those boys wore me out! Without thinking about it I said, “Man, I’m so thirsty!” The three boys looked up at me, told me they would get me water, and just ran off! Before I could comprehend what was happening, they were already halfway to the water cooler. I followed them over and watched as they “cleaned” the only cup they had. They filled the cup full and watched in sheer amazement as I drank the water they gave me. I felt so honored that they would just stop playing and go out of their way for me. I went to Mexico to serve them; I did not expect them to serve me 

PERSONAL APPLICATION: Would I go out of my way to serve Jesus like that? Would I just stop doing what I want to do and run off to do what will please Him most? 

PRAYER: Father God, I pray You would teach me to serve You as those boys serve You. I pray I would have the same child-like faith to just stop what I am doing and serve You with everything I have. I also pray You would open my eyes to those around me who need to be served.


 Marissa Valenzuela is a sophomore at Lipscomb University and is studying Psychology to, one day, become a child psychologist. She currently works at Mathnasium and loves every minute of her job. In her spare time, she plays with her nephew, fantasizes over cars she will never be able to afford, eats toast, and sleeps.


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