Living Life to the Fullest

mary Beth Josh picBY:  MARY BETH LAYHEW


BIBLE TEXT: “…I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” -John 10:10b

PERSONAL REFLECTION: My mom once told me a story when I was in high school of a certain poor gentleman who had saved his whole life to purchase a ticket to America on a passenger ship. He scrimped and saved every penny in order to take this trip. Hardly any money was left over after the purchase of his ticket, and all he had left was enough money to purchase cheese and crackers to eat on his journey. Every night on the ship he would smell gourmet meals and he would sit in his room and eat his meager dinner, however, thankful for the transportation to his biggest dream. He would hear the other passengers laughing and enjoying entertainment as he kept to the confines of his room.

Towards the end of the trip a ship employee approached the gentlemen and said that while he didn’t mean to pry, he couldn’t understand why he never came out of his room to enjoy the delicious food and wine. The gentleman stated that he didn’t have any extra money to which the ship employee stated, “Sir, this cruise is all inclusive. Your food and entertainment were already paid for.”

PERSONAL APPLICATION: Sometimes I think we, as Christians, are just trying to “get by” and we are not living our lives in the abundance God has already given us. He has promised us such a blessed life. We are children of the King! We should not try to make it by on our means but live in the blessings He has already bought and paid for!

PRAYER: Dear God, all I can do is thank you for everything you have given me. You blessings are countless. Help me to realize everything you died on the cross for me to have and for me to live in it. In Jesus name, Amen.


Mary Beth Layhew has been a citizen at Life Assembly for over 7 years. She enjoys traveling (especially cruises), music, and spending time with her husband, Josh. and their daughter, Ellie Kate.


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  1. by Lynne Dyer

    On September 23, 2013

    Great illustration of a truth we so often forget. Thank you, Mary Beth.

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