Lewis Gets A Book

By:  Peter Miller

EMAIL ADDRESS:  pmiller1987@gmail.com


Isaiah 30:21:

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”  (NIV)

PERSONAL REFLECTION:    In my last devotional, Flight Attendant Yolanda got my new favorite book,  Divine Mentor. I was in Houston for two days so I had a chance to go a bookstore and buy another copy.

On my flight back home I was determined to get back into the book. I never got the chance. I happened to sit next to a retired gentleman that liked to talk. This was fine by me because I like meeting new people and hearing their stories. Lewis had many, and it turned out we both had lived in the Los Angeles area at one time so we had lots of notes to compare. It was good flight.

As we taxied toward gate after landing I gathered up my book. Lewis asked what I was reading. I showed it to him and explained what it was about. Lewis was very interested and repeated the title and author several times to remember it. He then explained he was a deacon at his church and specifically mentored young men. He thought this type of book was just the thing they needed.  We were exiting the plane by now I selfishly thought to myself, “I really want to this read. He knows the title; he can get one.”

At the top of the exit we ramp we turned to say our goodbyes. With hardly realizing what I was doing it I handed Lewis my newest copy of Divine Mentor. His reaction was priceless. He was genuinely excited and grateful, said he thoroughly enjoyed the flight and was glad to make a new friend.

As I left to catch my next flight the Holy Spirit spoke to me. “That was conformation to you, Peter, that Yolanda needed the book as much as Lewis needed and wanted it. You did the right thing on both flights.”

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  Yolanda and Lewis both received books they needed. I received  something I needed — assurance from God that He does speak and direct my life when I’m willing to listen.

PRAYER:   Father, thank you for whispering in our ears, thank you for repeating yourself. I pray that we actively wait and listen for your voice and have the excitement and courage to follow your leading. Please bless and speak into Yolanda and Lewis lives today. Amen.


Peter will be at church this Sunday. Ask him an anything you want to know about his family and himself.  He has some really embarrassing stuff.

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