Learning to Be Content — Special Thanksgiving Edition


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Bible Text:  “I am not complaining about having too little.  I have learned to be satisfied with whatever I have.” – Philippians 4:11 CEV

Personal Reflection:   This week my extended family and I get together for Thanksgiving.  It is a tradition that the Hillegass family has been doing since before I was born. My past memories of our Thanksgiving reunion revolved around family fellowship time, fun around food, golf, football, and just great memories to retell to each other.  This is a time I always looked forward to each year.  However, since I have become a parent, the Thanksgiving reunion has not always been as rosy as I remember from the past.

First, there is the long travel in getting my family to the reunion.  Once there I am still a parent, so I am not free to do as I wish because I need to keep an eye on what my children are doing. Then there always seem to be one or more of us getting sick  or not sleeping which causes much stress throughout the week.  What I long for is the Thanksgivings of the past where I have a nice relaxing vacation, but instead my hopes and expectations are quickly dashed once I realize it is just parenting in a more stressful environment.

For the last 3 or 4 Thanksgiving breaks this has been my experience, but over the last few years the Lord has been showing me how to approach this week.  Instead of being frustrated because I didn’t get to play as much golf as I liked, or talking to as many relatives as I would have liked, or not getting to the movies with the family because I had to put my kids down for bed, I   focus on the positive that I did get to talk with some of my family members for a few minutes and enjoy what I have rather than covet what I don’t.  This has been a hard learning experience for my family and I for the past 4 years.

Personal Application: Thankfully, the Lord doesn’t want to leave us as we are and to experience the same trials and tribulations all over again.  He corrects us, so that we can do right and live in peace as Hebrews 12:11 states.  Once Megan and I decided to ask God to help because our ways were not working, He graciously gave us new ways and mindsets to deal with the challenges that lie ahead for this journey just as James 1:5 says.


Lord, I thank you that in this season of Thanksgiving You still have more wisdom to pour out into me, and that when I humble myself before You and ask for guidance You will graciously give it to me.  Thank You for teaching me to be content in this season with whatever I have and showing me each day that the only thing I want more of or should ever want more of is YOU. 

In Jesus name I pray.  Amen!

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Our family love calling Life Assembly their home church.  We have been blessed beyond measure with the love that each of you and our Heavenly Father has bestowed upon us. Thank you for letting us worship and serve the King of kings right along side of you.

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  1. by Giovanna

    On November 22, 2012

    Oh, don’t you worry, Dave and Megan… it will get better. IT WILL! Then when your kids are teens and you don’t have to watch over them at these events, you’ll miss the fact that they aren’t little any more. :-)
    Happy Thanksgiving and God bless!

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