Toilet paperBY: JOHN CAREY


BIBLE TEXT: Romans 12:4: For as in ONE body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function. (ESV)

I stood there absolutely amazed, frozen in the moment, and in awe of what I was experiencing. Unfortunately, during the months that followed, the feeling of amazement quickly turned to confusion and then despair. I have to be honest, I felt lost as I stood on aisle seven of our local grocery staring at the toilet paper section.

What was supposed to be a simple task had somehow turned into a mind-numbing problem. I mean there were 46 different types of toilet paper (yes, I counted)! There were different types of softness: super soft, ultra soft, super ultra soft. My personal favorite was the self-proclaimed world’s softest toilet tissue! There were different sizes too: regular, double, triple, quadruple, and MEGAROLL!!!

The most confusing thing of all was trying to figure out exactly how many rolls were actually in the package! They had 8 super ultra soft triple rolls that were equal to 37 regular rolls. They had 10 super soft triple rolls which were equal to 24 kinda soft, single, regular rolls. There was also MEGAROLL which is also known as the world’s softest toilet tissue and was “guaranteed to last up to 7 months.” You seriously needed a bachelor’s degree in trigonometry just to figure out which was the best deal! They even had toilet tissue with pictures on it! After analyzing and pondering over and over I finally did what any normal human being would do. I closed my eyes and picked one. (The ultra soft triple roll for those who were wondering.)

PERSONAL APPLICATION: Sometimes I look at the Church and what starts off as an amazing feeling of awe quickly turns into confusion and despair. There are so many different types of denominations, spiritual methodologies, worship styles, dress codes, communion frequencies, communication styles, and the list of differences go on and on. If we aren’t careful we begin to view the Church less like the Body of Christ and more like a buffet of preferences where we can pick and choose our likes and dislikes. The mission of the Church was never meant to be a statement that separated one church from another. It was meant to be the thing that united people behind a common purpose. The mission of the Church is to experience and express the biblical grace and truth of Christ that transforms ALL people into fully devoted disciples. When we begin to focus less on what makes church different and more on the grace that unites God’s people, I believe we will see God’s Church carry out its purpose which is to be the hope of the world. Allow yourself to experience the grace and truth of Christ everyday of your life and allow God to transform you into a fully devoted disciple. We are the Church and the hope to a hopeless world!

PRAYER: Father, I pray that we (The Church) begin to experience your love and grace everyday of our lives and that we begin express that same love and grace to everyone we encounter. Unite your Church and bring Hope to this world!


Husband, Father, Pastor, Waffle Eater, and Juggling Extraordinaire

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