Just wait until Sunday!

Larry Downs-Day in the LifeBY:  LARRY A. DOWNS

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 PERSONAL REFLECTION: Christians all around the world are entering into what we know as Passion Week. It is the holiest of weeks for us as we recognize and remember Christ’s last week leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection.

You and I have the advantage of having read the full story. We know how it ends. But the disciples and the faithful couldn’t imagine that their next week was about to turn their lives upside down. They faced a week that started with hopes and dreams and nearly ended in loneliness and despair.

Oh, that we could have been there to whisper in their ears a word of encouragement.


  • As they celebrate the triumphal entry into Jerusalem – “…you haven’t seen anything yet- Just wait until Sunday!”
  • As they share the Passover meal together – “…remember this moment and – Just wait until Sunday!”
  • As Jesus washes their feet – “…look at His hands – Just wait until Sunday!”
  • As they pray in Gethsemane – “…keep praying – Just wait until Sunday!”
  • As the night unfolds and Jesus is taken – “…I know you are angry, scared, and confused – Just wait until Sunday!”
  • As Jesus is condemned to death – “…I know this isn’t how you saw things – Just wait until Sunday!”
  • As Jesus breaths his last – “…this isn’t the end, but the beginning – Just wait until Sunday!”
  • As the hide on Saturday – “…don’t be afraid – Just wait until Sunday!”
  • And as the sun rises Sunday morning – “…get up, wash your face – It’s Sunday!” 

Perhaps the week you face is not unlike the week the disciples faced some two thousand years ago. One of those weeks that doesn’t go the way you think it should. One of those weeks that is filled with pain or disappointment.

Can I whisper a word of encouragement in your ear today as you walk your week? “…I know it’s hard, it’s not going to be easy, but… – Just wait until Sunday!”

PRAYERFather, help us to remember that there is always a Sunday.


Father of 5, husband of 1, who loves making a difference in the world through what he does at Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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