John and AmyBY: Amy Wagner


BIBLE TEXT: He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. –Psalm 147:3

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Sometimes God speaks to you even when you aren’t seeking Him.
Yes, you heard that right.

I’m driving to work, minding my own business, singing along to blah blah Christmas song on the radio. I’m not praying. I’m not worshiping, I’m just going along in my everyday life paying no attention to anything other than my speedometer. In fact, I’m actually getting frustrated because I’ve gotten behind a slooooowwww tow truck which has caused a slower than acceptable speed limit on the interstate. Nothing frustrates me more and gets me out of focus from God than my road rage. Sooo, God (with his witty humor and timely smacks upside my head) decides to open my eyes to the back of this tow truck in front of me. In one instant He grounds me in his grace.
Have you really looked at the back of a wrecker? Me either. Until today. Take a look:

Truck day in the life

Jesus in a tow truck. Hmmm….

Just like a broken down car on the side of the road, we are stranded in sin.  We could sit there, unable to move, in the dark and alone with no hope…until we make that call. Jesus comes to our aid, lifts us up, and carries us to safety.  No matter how damaged and broken we are, He heals us.  It may be a quick fix or a long process of repairs.  Will it hurt?  Maybe.  Whether it’s a little or a lot, it will definitely cost us something.  But whatever the cost, whatever the process, we will be put back onto the road with new life, with a new focus, and ready to get to our destination in style.

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  In today’s times people want to take God out of everything: out of our schools, government, and workplace.  He isn’t welcome anywhere anymore without controversy.  But….Jesus is everywhere, even when we aren’t looking for him.  He’s in your Christmas blessings, your children, and yes….in the back of a tow truck.

PRAYER:  Father, you are so faithful to be where we need you.  In the darkness of night or the dew of the morning, you are waiting for us to call upon your name so that you can lift us and repair the brokenness within us.  Thank you for being watchful, for being “on call” and being there even in moments when we aren’t necessarily seeking you. 


The Wagner family has been part of the Life Assembly family for almost 10 years.  John and Amy are part of the youth leadership and teach Sunday School for middle and high school.



  1. by Larry

    On February 8, 2015

    Hi Amy, I would like to share with you my encounter with a tow truck. one morning I took a ride down to the water to see the sunrise. when I got there, I was the only one in the parking lot, so i started to walk on the long boardwalk talking to the Lord asking for help in my family problems and i need him in my life. as i was walking i heard a noise come from the parking lot, a tow truck appears and goes past my car, i just shrugged my shoulders and kept on walking talking to the Lord. on the boardwalk a couple of feet from me is another ramp with a path, as i get to the ramp, at the same time the tow truck meets me at the path, i stop and the tow truck comes down the path all the way up to the ramp with it’s lights beaming and me staring at it waiting for someone to get out, this went on for about a minute with the lights blaring and i can’t see into the windshield to see anyone. well no one got out or said a thing, the tow truck just backed out very slow, and i started to walk to the end of the boardwalk never looking back at the tow truck. i looked up to the sky and it looked like a storm was on it’s way, then God put my eyes on a lighthouse. and God gave me, even in the storms in your life i have you in my arms, i am the light in your lighthouse. i said thank you Lord end started to leave and i was looking around for that tow truck, nowhere to be found and not one person around. i went home and shared this with my mom, and she said God’s not done yet he will add to it. well two days later I’m on the computer and i type in, GOD DRIVES A TOW TRUCK. well a women wrote a book and it’s called GOD DRIVES A TOW TRUCK. Then a month later on the computer, i type in Jesus in a tow truck and seen what you wrote. as I’m reading and scrolling down the page i see the photo of the tow truck, and i said out loud, OH MY LORD!! The tow truck i saw was also RED. Red washed in his blood. Your brother in Christ Larry

  2. by Amy

    On February 9, 2015

    Larry, thank you for sharing your story. I believe God is in everything we do, everywhere we go. We just have to be willing and open to seeing Him there. God Bless you and your family.

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