It’s More Than The Thought That Counts…


BY:  MaryBeth Corbin


BIBLE TEXT:  James 2:26: “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  Have you ever thought about doing something for someone but you didn’t do it and later on you think back… “Oh yeah, I wanted to get her a card when her loved one passed” or “I meant to bring them dinners when he had his surgery.” The thought is nice, but if we don’t put any action behind our thoughts it doesn’t count at all.

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  How many times have we thought about giving more to missions? How about helping friends, family, even strangers in time of need? How many times have we thought about volunteering our time to helping others but never did?   Have you thought about losing weight but never taken one step towards it? Or what about our finances?  Every year we want them to be in better shape, but we never start disciplining ourselves and end up in worse shape than the year before!  Have you ever thought about drawing closer to God and yet you didn’t?

James 2:26 says “faith without works is dead.” I think this says a lot about our faith, but also if we think about good deeds but don’t act the thought is dead as well. At the start of this new year, let’s get more accomplished. Let’s not just think about what we want in our lives or to do in the lives of others. Let’s actually DO IT!

PRAYER: God, help to give me urgency to do the things I need to do for you and others. Remind me of how important it is to love myself and others as you love us.  I thank you for never waiting to help me in my time of need. Thank you for always being faithful to me. Amen.


MaryBeth Corbin has been a citizen of Life Assembly for over 5 years. She works as a barista in Speed the Latte and is a leader in Shift 122 Youth Ministries. Her passions in life are Jesus, music, The Beatles, traveling (especially cruises), and movies. She also loves to spend time with her family, her boyfriend Josh, and her dog, Little Bear.

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