BY: Chris Winfree


BIBLE TEXT: Proverbs 18:1 – The wicked flee when no one pursues but the righteous are bold as a lion! (NKJV)

PERSONAL REFLECTION: My son and I were watching an episode of Deep Space 9 (S:5, E:21) a couple of weeks ago and a Klingon made a statement that really hit me. Two Klingons were given command of an attack ship that had a losing battle record. In fact, the ship’s crew had become incredibly proficient at escaping battle. As the new battle-hardened Klingon commanders were reading the personnel reports of their less-than-courageous crew, they made this statement which spoke clearly of the crew’s lack of heart for battle or victory. The personnel reports stated“They are insufficiently aggressive.”

Immediately, I began recounting the number of “Christians” I knew and wondered how many of them were insufficiently aggressive. Of course, I don’t know everyone’s personal prayer life or their understanding of the power and authority given to them by the blood of Jesus Christ, but I still wondered to myself, “How many of us are insufficiently aggressive?” Am I insufficiently aggressive? Then, naturally I asked myself, “What if all Christians were sufficiently aggressive? What would that look like?” I believe it would look like the apostles after Pentecost.

Keep in mind that I am not talking about physical aggression. I’m not talking about your anger towards anyone. I’m not talking about your willingness to start a fight. I’m not talking about lack of control, confusion, or craziness. I am talking about the power of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Boldness: Not hesitant or fearful in the face of danger. Courageous and daring. Challenging. Beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action.

Authority: Power to determine or settle issues or disputes. Jurisdiction. The right to control or command. A warrant for action. A testimony or witness.

Luke 9:1 – Jesus gave power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases.
Luke 10:19 – We have been given power and authority over the (spiritual) enemy.
1 Cor 4:20 – The kingdom of God is not in word but in power.
Matt 10:34 – Jesus did not come to bring peace, but a sword.
Prov 28:1 – The righteous are bold as a lion! (Lions fight as a pride.)

So, self-analysis time…   if God asked Jesus to read your personnel report right now, would it state that you are insufficiently aggressive?

PERSONAL APPLICATION: I recognize that I do not draw sufficient aggression from confidence in myself but rather from my confidence in Christ. I want my personnel report to state, “He is a mighty warrior for Christ…sufficiently aggressive”

PRAYER: God, I realize that, as a warrior, I must submit to Your authority in humility. I enter Your gates with thanksgiving and Your courts with praise. I lay at Your feet in awe of You. I ask You to give me boldness as a lion and understanding of Your Word. I ask You to strengthen me with the might of Your Spirit and use me to set people free so that You may be glorified, in the name of Jesus. So be it!


I thank God for my incredible family. After 41 years, I am still learning to love.

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