Screenshot_2015-04-25-10-01-58BY: MARLA COCHRAN

E-MAIL ADDRESS: cochrangang2004@gmail.com

BIBLE TEXT:  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  –Phillipians 4:13

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Over the past five years I have gone through some deep, deep valleys and some pretty high mountain tops, most of the time telling God I can’t do “this or that” or “please don’t ask me to do that,” or asking, “Is this really what you want me to do?” I have even said, “No, God I can’t do this,” or “I don’t want to do that,” and the big one, “I can’t do this anymore!” But I am here now stating I can do this and I can go there. I can, I can, I can!!!!!    I WILL!!!!

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  While growing up I wasn’t very adventurous or outgoing. I always stood on the sidelines cheering on my sisters or friends. My sister, Tasha, was so full of life and adventure. There wasn’t a tree she couldn’t climb or a monkey bar she couldn’t cross or jump off from. She would always encourage me and tell me, “Come on you can do it!” She even made up a song for me:

“I can, I can, I can do all things through Christ,
through Christ,
through Christ,
who strengthens me.
Praise the Lord.”

I adored her for her belief in me and her constant encouragement, but it wasn’t enough. I was stuck believing a lie and it took me years of growing up and years of encouragement from family and the Holy Spirit to get to where I am today. I no longer believe I can’t do anything because I KNOW I CAN DO ALL THINGS!!!!

PRAYER: Heavenly. Father, thank you for equipping me to do all the things you ask of me. Thank you for changing me and teaching me that with your strength and power there is nothing I can’t do. I love you father.  Amen


Well, lets see…     I am the oldest of 11, I am the mother of 2 beautiful boys, and most importantly I am a princess to the King of Kings. I have attended Life Assembly since July, 2011. I love my life, my children, my family, my church family and most of all my God.


  1. by Chris Winfree

    On April 27, 2015

    Great devo!

    The oldest of 11? OMG! I can’t imagine the insanity…haha!

  2. by Marla

    On May 3, 2015

    Thanks Chris!! And insanity is correct and it keeps growing as the family grows!!

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