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BIBLE TEXT:  The book of Hosea

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  So, check this story out: 750 years before Jesus came to rid the world of our sin issue there was a prophet named Hosea.  A prophet was one that heard from God and then went to share what they had heard with the people and Hosea was well known.  One day God spoke to Hosea and told him that instead of a giving him a message for the people, He had an assignment for him.  Now, I have to believe that Hosea was absolutely pumped about the thought of God giving him a specific thing to do.  Isn’t that what we all want? To know exactly what God wants us to do?

God said to Hosea, “I want you to go marry a prostitute.”  Jaw dropping moment, I know!  If I was Hosea my response would be, “YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT THE WHAT?!  I mean, come on God! I’m a prophet, a man of God, and Your voice. I’m not sure this is the best move. What are the people going to say?”  But Hosea, fully trusting in the Lord, says yes.  He finds a woman named Gomer (what a bummer of a name) and they get married and even have a couple of kids.

One day Hosea wakes up and his wife is nowhere to be found.  Hosea searches everywhere:  the kids’ rooms, the kitchen, the backyard… he probably looked frantically in every corner of the house just to discover that his wife was gone.  He instantly knew that she had gone back to her old life of being a prostitute and left him, the prophet, alone with their children.  Hosea had to feel like an ultimate failure. “Here I am a prophet, a man of God, and I can’t even keep a wife at home. How in the world are these people ever going to listen to me?” What happens next though is truly amazing.  God says to Hosea, “Go find Gomer. Go love this woman who is right now committing adultery.  Go get your wife.”

If I was Hosea my response would again be, “YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT THE WHAT?!”  To make a long story short, Hosea finds Gomer as she was being auctioned off as a slave to a room full of men.  Hosea rushes up to the man running the auction and says, “THAT IS MY WIFE!”  The auctioneer tells Hosea that if he wants Gomer he has to pay the full amount of 15 shekels of silver.  So Hosea reaches in his pocket and he purchases the one who already belonged to him.

PERSONAL APPLICATION: You mean to tell me that there is a love deep enough to cause a man to go to the darkest places of the world to purchase someone back that was already his?  The message sounds familiar.  God was preaching the Gospel 750 years before Jesus through a man named Hosea and a woman named Gomer.  You see, we are already God’s creation but He chose to go to the darkest parts of the world to buy us back with the sacrifice of His Son.  Theologians will tell you that the story of Hosea and Gomer is the second greatest example of love in the history of the world.  The first is Christ’s love for you!

PRAYER: God, thank you for going to the darkest corners of my life and saving me.  There is no doubt that You love the world and You love me with a indescribable, unconditional, tireless love.  Your love makes life work right.  Your loves finds us and heals us.  Your love chases and embraces us.  Let us live today in Your Love.


Husband, Father, Pastor, Waffle Eater, and avid viewer of The Andy Griffith Show!

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