Peter-Jani-Miller-2011BY: Peter Miller


BIBLE TEXT: Psalm 18:2:  The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Ever wonder how much Jesus weighs? I believe he weighs 800 pounds. The authority I cite for this is the well known theological country music group, Sawyer Brown. After you go to YouTube and listen to their 1999 release of, “800 Pound Jesus“, you will no doubt come to the same conclusion.

Here’s the deal:  Jesus may not in fact be 800 pounds of weight but He might as well be. Like a 9’ tall, 800-pound concrete statue, Jesus is hard to ignore. Again, listen to the song. When He enters the room, He fills it. He is 800 pounds of power, of love, of grace, of acceptance, of forgiveness. 800-pound Jesus can’t be moved by you. It ain’t gonna happen. But call Him and He will come right over. You can’t lift 800-pound Jesus, but you can lean against Him. You can give Him to your friends to lean against too.

When you encounter difficulty understand that there is literally the spiritual equivalent of a 9’ tall, 800 pound, all powerful Jesus standing with you. And He saying, “I got this.”

PERSONAL APPLICATION: Jesus is not a statue. He is the living, breathing, Son of God. Let Him be the rock in your life that calls Himself to be. Move out of your own way, 800-pound Jesus is comin’ through.

You call yourself many things, Love being foremost. Help us to fully experience the love, protection, and power you desire to put into our lives. 800 pounds and more.   ~Amen


Peter Miller
Married to Jani Miller, Women’s Ministry Leadership
3 Adult children — empty nest is best!
2 Juvenile German Shepherds
Avid supporter of Calcutta Mercy Ministries
Received Minister’s Certification from Berean School of the Bible
CEO of ProTech Industries

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