Holy Spirit Power


BY:  Chris Winfree

E-MAIL ADDRESS:  cwinfree@remarinc.com

BIBLE TEXT:  Acts 1:8 – But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you… (NIV)






PERSONAL REFLECTION:  We have probably all heard this verse many times over the years but sometimes it is good to break down a verse systematically.

  • But – Definition: Except that, (could we also say “accept that”?)
  • you – Enter your name here.
  • will receive – Definition: To take into one’s possession (something offered or delivered), to have (something) bestowed, to have delivered.
  • power - Definition: The ability to do or act, capability of accomplishing something, authority, strength, might, force.
  • when – Definition: At what time or period?
  • the Holy Spirit – Definition: The Spirit of God, the presence of God, the Holy Ghost, the third person of the trinity.
  • comes on (or upon) – Definition: To approach by movement , to meet, flourish, to begin
  • you – Enter your name here.

Notice that Jesus states “when you will receive,” not “if you receive.”  Some people do not receive the Holy Spirit because they reject Him, but it is clear from this verse that He is definitely available to every person.  Notice also that “power” is a very, well…powerful word.  If Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to get inside my body making me capable of lifting enormous weight, would it be me lifting weight or Arnold?  Surely it would be my body performing the action, but obviously my “power” would be from Arnold.  The Holy Spirit allows us to perform “acts” that we are not capable of in our own right.  That is why we need Him.  The difference between being filled with the Holy Spirit and not being filled is like the difference between a well and a river.  You get the idea.

If you have received the Holy Spirit but are in a slump, then I challenge you to allow the Lord to work through you the way He wants to.  Do not quench Him.  On the other hand, if you have not received the Holy Spirit yet then I challenge you to seek the Lord and ask Him to fill you with the power of the Holy Spirit (always seek the Giver, not the gift).  The purpose isn’t to become more powerful people — not for ourselves — but to become greater witnesses to the world.  And sometimes our “world” is no larger than a 30 mile radius from our house.

PERSONAL APPLICATION:  God is good, all the time.  I believe many times He wants to do more than we allow Him.  We are the ones who restrict Him.  We say, “use me,” but we do not act when He provides opportunity.  We say, “I want to know You,” but we do not seek Him.  We say, “Make me a strong and powerful Christian for You,” but we do not exercise spiritually.  I know that I need more work in these areas, but I am ready.  Are you?

PRAYER:  Lord, thank you for reminding me that You want to do more with me than I allow.  Thank you for challenging me.  I want to be powerful for You.  I pray that You will be strengthened in me so that I will have the boldness, courage, and confidence to act on any direction You give me.


Chris Winfree is a Royal Rangers senior commander.  He is always seeking and wanting more of God.

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  1. by MaryBeth

    On December 5, 2011

    good job chris! very motivating! – MaryBeth

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