Jonathan GarmonBY: Jonathan Garmon

EMAIL: jg2@jonathangarmon.com

BIBLE TEXT: Acts 2:42-47

PERSONAL REFLECTION:  In a two minute span the whole game changed……

I have been on a 10-year journey of walking with Christ Jesus. I have heard over these past 10 years that in order to change one’s life, family, community, country, world you need to do “___” (pray, read, love, forgive, etc.) All of these are true but what God has revealed to me over the past 3 years is that these things need to come second to something greater. That one thing is authenticity. Authenticity is what drives everything else. Jesus doesn’t want us just to pray. He wants authentic prayer from us. Jesus doesn’t want us just to read. He wants us to authentically want to read His word. So what does this have to do with a two-minute moment in time? It’s quite simple.

One evening during “The Gathering” at church, a gentleman began telling a story of what he was dealing with in his personal walk. He talked about how he was on Instagram and clicked on a “hashtag” that was inappropriate. He had a decision to make: back out or let the image load. He let the image load and he viewed something he knew he shouldn’t have. What is so powerful about this man’s statement is that he was speaking in the present tense, not in the past. In my personal journey, I have never heard of a pastor, speaker, leader stand in front of those who attend their church and say, “I am right now dealing with “___.”  It is always that either they appear as sin if far from them or they “used to” have sin in their life and they overcame it.

This man showed those in the room a genuine authentic version of himself and it was the most powerful two minutes I have witnessed personally inside of a church. I truly believe in order for us to make the greatest contribution to our community we must be authentic in who we are as people and be able to tell those around us not that we were dealing with “___” in the past, but rather, that we are dealing with “___” RIGHT NOW. The moment we can become openly authentic is the moment I believe we will see the true, unhindered grace of who Jesus is being poured into our life and those around us. In the center of all of that is where Acts 2:42-47 awaits.

To the Church here and abroad, I challenge us all to get to the place spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically where we can sit down with those we love, and those we just met, and live out authentic conversations, authentic walks, authentic emotions, and authentic lives. Share your #hashtag. We all have one.

Prayer:  Lord, I pray that we all can get to a point of peace in who we were in the past and who we are now. I pray we can all get to a point to where we can feel comfortable in sharing our #hashtag with those around us. I pray that as we hear these #hashtag stories that the desire to judge will not enter into our minds as we are all broken and fallen. I pray we embrace those as they tell their story and show love to them. Lord, guide us to be authentic in the manner you created us to be. In Christ Jesus name, Amen.


My name is Jonathan Garmon. I am blessed to be married to Christina (“CJ”) for the past six years. We are grateful for our two kids: Alivia (4) and Maddox (1). I am a dispatcher for the Wilson County Sheriffs Department. I have been attending Life for two and a half years. I have had the utmost honor to spent most, if not all that time, downstairs with the youth.

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